Simpson Speedmullor® Batch Mixer

Lower Your Sand Preparation Energy Costs By 30% Or More

In medium- to large-sized sand systems, higher volumes of throughput demand greater productivity from the sand preparation plant. The Simpson Speedmullor® is carefully designed and proportioned to achieve maximum mixing performance and energy efficiency while still providing some versatility in applications typical to these sizes of sand systems.


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High-speed, high-intensity, muller-type mixer for batch operation.
Medium- to large-sized sand preparation systems that still require some versatility in throughput or product.
- The original Beardsley & Piper Speedmullor
- High productivity
- Smaller batch and shorter cycle times
- Secondary cooling


Simpson Speedmullor®

Experience the ultimate in productivity and efficiency. The Speedmullor combines the best features of high-intensity batch mixers, offering superior mixing performance and energy efficiency. Produce better molding sand more consistently and at a lower cost.


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Productivity Makes You More Competitive

The Speedmullor combines all the best features of all the high-intensity batch mixers into a single design — the mixing performance and energy efficiency of mulling with the productivity of a high-speed, high-intensity mixer. The Speedmullor will produce better molding sand, more consistently and at less cost than turbine mixers of the same capacity.

Intensive mulling in a Speedmullor is accomplished by horizontally mounted muller wheels compressing the sand against the mixer wall. Shearing and blending is provided by a series of plows mounted on the mixer crosshead. Rotating at high speed, the combination of muller wheels and plows provide full development of the bentonite and other additives.

  • The Speedmullor’s shorter cycle times result in high output allowing a more compact installation and reduced investment and installation costs.
  • The Speedmullor can be equipped with a cooling system to introduce large volumes of low velocity air to the batch during the cycle. The feature is useful if longer cycles are expected or in tropical climates to provide secondary cooling.
  • Water and bentonite are added directly into the sand mass providing for faster dispersion, faster cycles and increased utilization of expensive additives.

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Beardsley & Piper LLC acquired by Simpson from Pettibone LLC and Heisley Holding LLC of Lisle, IL USA. This acquisition brought the Speedmullor to the Simpson Technologies product line. Simpson Technologies supports the original Beardsley & Piper Speedmullor with engineering solutions and spare parts. The Simpson Technologies Speedmullor® has several design updates since the acquisition and continues to be developed into an even more robust and high-quality machine.


Webac Gesellschaft für Maschinenbau mbH in Euskirchen, Germany together with its subsidiaries Webac Maskin AB in Stockholm, Sweden and Webac s.r.o. in Pribram, Czech Republic acquired by Simpson. Webac was originally a licensee of the Beardsley & Piper Speedmullor®. Since the acquisition, many technologies from Webac have been added to the Simpson Technologies product line and vice versa. The Simpson Speedmullor® is manufactured in Euskirchen and in the USA.