Simpson Hartley® Online Control & Automation

Foundries worldwide demand continuous improvements in casting quality and process productivity as well as continuous reductions in process variability and costs. 

The Simpson Hartley® system has been installed on over 1,000 mixers in more than 35 countries, in all types and sizes of foundries and on nearly all types of mixers.

Simpson was chosen due to:

  •  Simpson’s extensive experience in control technologies
  • Automatic control for a green sand system
  • Robust and unique mechanical design of our tester
  • Utilize Allen Bradley or Siemens PLC and HMI
  • Reliable software continuously enhanced for optimized performance
Project Information Worksheet

“Our payback has been approximately one year. Since then it’s been money in the bank!” – Manager-Foundry Operations

A complete green sand mixer group control and automation system.
Automation and control of mix preparation and machine function for any make and model of green sand mixer.
- Rugged design is easy to operate and maintain.
- Data acquisition and reporting.
- Complete automation of all mixer group functions.
- Control of compactability to +/-3 points in 90%+ of tests.

Hartley Compactability Controllers

Simpson Hartley Compactability Controller

Hartley Compactability Controller 2502-L1

A completely redesigned version of the older 18Mk2/2502 tester system to be a basic, low cost tester for compactability control and mixer automation perfect for batch mixing systems in small foundries and foundries with limited budgets.

Simpson Hartley Compactability Controller

Hartley Compactability Controller with Bond Determinator (Batch) 2552-B1

Our most advanced tester designed for batch mixing systems in foundries who want both compactability and green strength testing, integration with machine mounted sensors and more extensive foundry wide control and reporting systems.

Simpson Hartley Compactability Controller

Hartley Compactability Controller with Bond Determinator (Continuous) 2552-C1

Has all of the features of the 2552-B1 but is specifically designed for use with our Simpson Multi-Mull in a continuous mixing application.

Dosing Systems

Weight based dosing provide accurate bond additions to the green sand system. These can be controlled by a Simpson Hartley 2552-B1 and 2552-C1’s algorithm or through a predetermined rate. Improving repeatability and sand consistency continuously through robust design.

Simpson Hartley Dosing System

Simpson Hartley Dosing Systems

Designed to provide precision weight control and pneumatic injection of dry materials (primarily bentonite/clay) to a muller in a fully automated mixer group.

BFS Dosing

Simpson BFS Dosing Systems

Designed to provide continuous dosing of dry materials (primarily bentonite clay) to a continuous cooler or continuous muller in a fully automated system.

Simpson Hartley Compactability Controller

How It Works

Operation of the model 2552-B1 Simpson Hartley Compactability Controller with Bond Determinator.

Could an obsolete control system shut down your foundry?

The robust design of Simpson equipment allows them to operate effectively for decades, but electrical components advance and fade rapidly. Simpson now offers a complete, modern PLC upgrade that extends the lifetime of your dependable Simpson Hartley or Multi-Cooler equipment. It replaces Allen Bradley PLC-5 controllers which are no longer supported. Learn more


“Cutting our scrap by 20% was a tremendous savings.” – QC/Metallurgist

All Models of the Simpson Hartley Online Control Technology Feature:

  • A control program that is based on the experience of more than 1,000 installations in all kinds of applications. With the experience from so many installations in so many different applications you can be sure that the control program is robust enough to perform at a very high level in your foundry with your application.
  • The robust, foundry proven mechanical design of the tester maximizes uptime and minimizes maintenance and operating costs.
  • We utilize global standard components such as the Allen Bradley or Siemens controllers and operator interfaces to assure availability of critical parts. No compromise was made in the selection of these critical components in order to maximize availability and commonality with other equipment in the foundry.
  • All Hartley controllers can be produced in the United States, Germany and India and are backed by global Simpson Service. Trained technicians and common spare parts are available from any of the production centers for quick response to requests for support.

“Before [the Hartley], we had wide swings in our compactability readings and couldn’t attain the sand consistency we needed. Now we’re within +/-2 points and are reaping the benefits in cost savings and customer satisfaction. With the Hartley our muller operators have been relocated, bond consumption is down, scrap has been reduced and bad molds are pretty much a thing of the past. Payback was about one year. We feel we’re saving a little more than $100,000 annually. All of that can be attributed to the Hartley unit.” – Foundry Superintendent of an Iron Foundry

Hartley Controls Corporation acquired by Simpson from Neenah Foundry Company of Neenah, WI USA