Laboratory Testing

The Simpson Test Center provides you with a low-cost, risk-free method to define and optimize your process while utilizing a variety of conditions and machine configurations.

As well as support from experimentation, to process development to process optimization and finally to the successful start of production

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These tasks frequently include:

  • Consulting in process technology and the development of high performance, high value solutions
  • Performance of tests with raw materials provided by the customer
  • Development of machine configurations or processing methods for new products
  • Development and testing of new types of machines and measuring technologies
  • Production of products in small quantities which can be used for sampling by end users
  • Analysis and optimization of production processes in operation or existing machines or systems
  • Supply of machinery on a rental basis with the support of experienced Simpson engineers for evaluating technologies when material spoilage or the required additional processing and performance measurement equipment requires you to complete the testing in your own plant.

Our goal is to help you accurately evaluate your process equipment investment–in terms of improved quality, increased production or savings in raw materials, labor and time – and help to minimize the risk in making an investment in new process technology. You are invited to visit our facility for a demonstration of the testing described or to arrange for laboratory tests which can be conducted under your supervision.


Dedicated premises with 500 m2 of floor space feature modern machines which are configured for maximum versatility to allow for experimentation across a wide range of conditions and machine requirements in all applications:

  • Stainless steel model LF Simpson Mix-Muller (10-liter capacity) equipped with variable speed drive and multiple configurations of mixing tools as well as for heating or cooling or vacuum operation.
  • Carbon steel Model 05F Simpson Mix-Muller (85-liter capacity)
  • Model 1-Cell Simpson Even-Flo sand reclaimer including vibrating lump reduction, metallic separation for the testing of foundry sand reclamation.
  • Complete foundry sand laboratory testing capabilities.
  • Common process laboratory evaluation equipment

Known for over 110 years as an innovator of process technologies, Simpson established the Peter L. Simpson Memorial Laboratory in our US headquarters facility in the early 1940’s as a platform for research and performance testing.