Simpson Hartley Dosing System

Calculated Weight Based Bond Addition

The Simpson Hartley Model 90Mk2 Additive Dosing System has been designed to provide precision weight control and pneumatic injection of dry materials (primarily bentonite/clay) to a muller in a fully automated mixer group. The 90Mk2 is designed to be used and integrated together with a Simpson Hartley Model 2502-L1 or 2552-B1 Compactability Controller and relies on the controller for automatic operation.

Project Information Worksheet

“The 90Mk2s dosing system has been an important part of our sand system by ensuring the precise delivery of sand additives to our mullors resulting in tighter control of sand properties. This performance allows us to make sure every batch of sand will result in a quality casting.” – Quality Technician

The 90Mk2 has two options depending on dosing needs:
 – The 90Mk2-1 with 1 ft3/ 0.028 m3 capacity
 – The 90Mk2-5 with 5 ft3/ 0.14 m3 capacity

Machine Specifications:

  • Dosing Device
  • One storage tank (ASME Code Stamped).  The tank is equipped with a rotary actuator operated filler valve assembly including solenoids and limit switches, pressure safety relief valves and an air operated delivery line pinch valve assembly including solenoid and regulator.  
  • One (1) set of software modifications or additions provided as needed for existing Simpson Hartley controller program or included with program installed in PLC of new control panel (if applicable).
  • One (1) load link, tension type load cell with transmitter for weight measurement.
  • One (1) air receiver (ASME Code Stamped) with pipe thread connections and drain valve mounted on tank.
  • One (1) set of solenoid valves & pressure regulators for bond fluidizer, delivery and delivery line purge.
  • One (1) rotary actuator operated tank exhaust valve assembly including solenoid & limit switches.
  • An enclosure containing Ethernet Point I/O to interface with the main control enclosure.

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