Simpson Pro-Claim® Continuous Sand Reclaimer

Pneumatically Reclaim Sand For As Low As $1 A Ton

Foundries all over the world are using the Simpson Pro-Claim® to inexpensively reclaim large volumes of chemically bonded and green sand for reuse in molding systems resulting in significant savings in raw material and disposal costs as well as increasing casting quality. This is the most energy efficient method of reclamation with a small footprint and high throughput while being environmentally responsible.


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Save up to 75-90% of the cost of new sand with the Simpson Pro-Claim Sand Reclaimer!

Continuous sand reclaimer working on the principle of pneumatic scrubbing.
For reclaiming green sand for reuse in green sand or chemically bonded sand for reuse in chemically bonded sand systems.
– Continuous operation requires no operator
– No moving parts in contact with sand, requires minimal maintenance
– Simple yet versatile operation effectively reclaims sand at a very low cost


Simpson Pro-Claim®

Foundries worldwide use the Simpson Pro-Claim to inexpensively reclaim large volumes of bonded and green sand, reducing raw material and disposal costs while preserving quality.


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Benefits of Pneumatic Reclamation

The Simpson reclaimers operate on the principle of pneumatic scrubbing. They are compact, easy to install, operate continuously, and do not require an operator or frequent maintenance.

  • Cost Savings. Reduce sand purchases. Reduce freight costs.
  • Continuous Operation. Lowers staffing costs. Requires no operator.
  • Technical Advantages. Improve casting quality without thermal process.
  • Environmentally Responsible. Reduce quantity of waste sand with a lower energy cost.

In today’s competitive market you cannot afford to miss the savings and technical advantages available from reclamation!

Go Green With Simpson

Sand or ceramic media is the largest foundry process waste, typically constituting about 70% of total waste volume. Environmentally it is becoming increasingly more difficult to dispose of these great quantities of waste sand or ceramic into a landfill. But waste is not the only challenge related to spent foundry sand. Replacing that sand with an adequate amount of new sand in order to maintain consistent properties can become quite costly. Similarly, other consumables are increasing in cost like bentonite bond for green sand and chemical binders or no-bake. Fortunately, most foundry sands are reclaimable and can be effectively reused.

Compared to thermal reclamation which typically ranges from $6.00-$8.00+ per ton the Simpson Pro-Claim, at approximately $1.00 per ton, is a much more cost-efficient solution requiring no additional post processing such as screening or cooling and no additional permitting is required.

How It Works

Sand enters the machine and is propelled up a blast tube with air provided by a turbo blower. As the sand accelerates up the tube to impact a conical target intensive sand scrubbing is achieved to remove layers of binder material. Removed binder and unwanted fines are exhausted to the dust collection system. Sand can be recirculated within the same cell or passed to successive cells. After the desired amount of cleaning has been achieved the sand is discharged over a final screening operation before being returned to the sand system.

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Reclaimed Sand or Ceramic Material That Performs As Well As – Or Better Than – New

“When we first started we were using 40% reclaimed sand and 60% new sand. Currently we’re using 95% reclaimed and 5% new sand.” – Foundry Manager

Test Your Material Before Making A Decision

Simpson understands that no two foundries are exactly the same in their combination of sand, binder and operating conditions. The Simpson Performance Laboratory will test your foundry’s sand or ceramic and select the optimum reclaimer for your particular system requirements. Before making a purchase decision, we will also provide you with a full analysis of the results and invite you to attend the test to see first-hand the benefits offered by pneumatic reclamation.

To learn more about our testing program watch this video. While watching the video you will also learn why Manufacturers Brass and Aluminum Foundry (MBAF) found the testing program beneficial and how they went from testing to implementation. The test results from the Simpson testing facility were achieved upon the start-up of the model 2-Cell Pro-Claim at MBAF.

Watch the testing process

“Testing prior to installing the machine was extensive. When we finally installed… it was amazing that we used the same settings that they did in the lab.” – Foundry Manager, MBAF

Simpson first introduced the concept of pneumatic sand reclamation in the 1950s.

The current Simpson reclaimers are the result of over 70 years of continuous research and practical field experience in sand reclamation systems. Over 500 foundries around the world have relied on Simpson sand reclamation equipment to cost effectively reclaim their sand or ceramic.