Sand Preparation

Sand Preparation Solutions

Specializing in molding sand preparation and control, Simpson leverages over 110 years of expertise to provide innovative and integrated technologies with unparalleled performance for the metal casting industry.

Comprehensive Sand Preparation and Control Technologies

Simpson's full range of integrated sand preparation and control solutions benefits foundries of all sizes and types, offering:

  • Consistently high-quality sand preparation with minimal process variation.
  • Reduced total operational costs in supervision, energy, raw materials, and maintenance.
  • Lower capital costs for equipment acquisition and installation.

Value Creation for Foundries

By delivering these benefits, Simpson enables foundries to produce molding sand that optimizes their casting plant’s potential, leading to high-value, high-profit metal castings.

Complete Aluminium Green Sand Foundry

The green sand process unlocks key benefits like high productivity, flexibility, speed and shorter lead times, while advances in digital process control and optimization ensure never-before-seen quality and consistency.

See Norican's Complete Aluminium Green Sand Foundry in action - watch Simpson's Speedmullor and DISA's DISAMATIC 3 join forces with StrikoWestofen's Westomat® Classic, LeanMelter and Wheelabrator's HT-H machine.