Engineering Services

We have one goal – to help you get the highest performance and efficiency from your investment in Simpson equipment, thereby achieving:

  • High machine up-time and minimized maintenance costs
  • High performance to maximize the value and profitability of your products
  • High yield, automation & energy efficiency that lowers your operating costs
  • High return on investment from quality parts and modernization kits that extend the useful life of your equipment
  • High customer satisfaction
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To achieve these objectives, Simpson provides the following services:

  • General Repairs and Troubleshooting
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs
  • Equipment Modernization Packages
  • Competitive Parts
  • Gearbox/Reducer Exchange Program
  • System Installation & Start-Up
  • Calibration Services
  • Machine Maintenance & Operation Documentation
  • Continuing Education and Training
  • Rental Equipment

Since 1912 we have been providing our customers with a wide range of services and products. We pride ourselves on responding to your needs.

General Repairs and Troubleshooting

Regardless of the equipment problem or location, the experienced team at Simpson is ready to go to work for you. Whether it’s an emergency requiring immediate attention or a planned project, our field service engineers are available to assist your team. With regularly scheduled inspections and maintenance, potential problems can be corrected prior to emergency repairs becoming necessary. Having an extra, experienced hand in executing major or minor repairs can significantly reduce the time and cost of the maintenance. Or, adding one of our staff to your team for a maintenance project can allow some of your staff to complete other work during busy maintenance periods. On completion of the work, we provide detailed reports on the work completed and, when applicable, recommendations to further improve performance of your equipment.

Preventative Maintenance Programs

More than 100 customers are members of our Performance Partnership program. As a Performance Partner, a fully qualified service engineer will visit your plant to inspect your Simpson equipment, on a regularly scheduled basis. Performance Partnerships typically provide a minimum of quarterly scheduled visits but can be more based on the number of Simpson machines in your plant and the production usage of your equipment. Performance Partners obtain discounts from the standard service rates and share travel and living expenses with other Partners who are serviced on the same trip. The discounted rates will apply to any service call during any period the service agreement is in effect. Performance Partners also enjoy a discount on all machine upgrade and modernization kits.

Equipment Modernization Packages

To maximize the return on your investment in Simpson equipment we offer upgrade and modernization kits for most makes, models and vintages. Depending on the age and model of your equipment, we can incorporate many of the latest design features into your present machine and improve the efficiency of your equipment while reducing overall operating costs.

Competitive Parts

We have a multi-million dollar inventory of parts and accessories strategically located in the heart of North America, within 45 minutes of Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, to quickly service North America and the world with the right part at the right time. Our office in Baar, Switzerland also maintains a local inventory of common parts and a service capability for European customers.

Dealing directly with the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), you can reap the benefits of fast delivery, parts produced from original drawings, access to design improvements, comprehensive documentation and knowledgeable assistance. We are constantly seeking efficiencies in our production and purchasing so that our high quality, OEM parts can also be affordable and a good value to you, our valued customer.

Gearbox/Reducer Exchange Program

If your gearbox or reducer fails, give us a call. We will provide you with a less expensive, refurbished gearbox from our inventory, and we will invoice you for the refurbished box plus a core charge. Then send us your old gearbox within 60 days. Once we’ve determined that your old gearbox can be rebuilt, we’ll issue you a core charge credit on the price of the refurbished gearbox. The amount of the credit will vary – the bigger the muller, the larger the credit. You save both time and money:

  • Save time – you get your refurbished gearbox right away – no more waiting for gearbox repairs.
  • Save money – you pay less for the refurbished gearbox with your core charge credit.
  • In addition, your refurbished gearbox comes with a parts and labor warranty (in some cases a same-as-new warranty*), assuring you get the high-quality parts you’re used to.

* Warranty time will vary depending on machine model.

System Installation & Start-Up

Detailed preparation and timely execution are the keys to meeting our customers’ installation and start-up schedules. A thorough start-up program precedes the operation of your Simpson equipment and includes any applicable testing, followed by the training of maintenance and operating personnel to assure problem free, high-performance operation of the equipment long into the future.

Calibration Services

It is extremely important to define and implement regular calibration and maintenance schedules on all control or measurement equipment. As the manufacturer of Simpson Sand Testing Equipment and Hartley Controls on-line control equipment Simpson is the only authorized provider of calibration services. Our detailed knowledge of each instrument allows for accurate and dependable adjustment and calibration for all of your Simpson Sand Testing Equipment and Hartley Controls equipment. We highly recommend incorporating our calibration services into your preventative maintenance program to ensure optimum instrument performance.

We offer onsite recalibration and testing of our products using the most up to date methods and technologies. Simpson also keeps complete calibration records and maintenance reports, available to our customers, allowing for tracking of calibration and repair records provided by our personnel on your equipment.

Calibration service for Simpson Sand Testing Equipment products includes machine calibration and maintenance, a calibration certificate indicating before and after calibration status (including appropriate reference to NIST traceable standards) and a formal written report of all the work completed. When necessary, replacement of critical repair parts or major machine repairs can be done on site by our engineers. We recommend that your Simpson Sand Testing Equipment be calibrated twice per year.

Calibration service for Hartley Controls on-line control equipment includes machine calibration and maintenance and a formal written report providing before and after calibration status of the equipment. When necessary, replacement of critical repair parts or major machine repairs can be done on site by our engineers. We recommend that your Hartley Controls equipment be calibrated four times per year.

Machine Maintenance & Operation Documentation

If your original machine documentation has been lost or destroyed – or if you have acquired Simpson equipment on the used equipment market without any documentation – you can order a new set of manuals and general arrangement drawings covering your machine. We retain documentation on the design of most of our equipment going back more than 50 years and can recreate a documentation package for you from the serial number of the machine.

Continuing Education & Training

Refresher training for existing staff or basic training for new personnel are available at any time. Our hands-on training program for maintenance personnel emphasizes a “learn by doing” approach with the assistance of our field service engineers and/or technical staff. Operators and maintenance personnel are taught to understand how the equipment works and what to look for in diagnosing problems. Motivated and educated machine operators and maintenance staff will get the highest levels of performance from your equipment and help you achieve a competitive advantage.

For an overview of our popular “Green Sand Preparation & Control” course, Click Here.

Rental Equipment

As a service to those companies who wish to conduct Simpson Mix-Muller tests in their own plants to simulate plant scale operations, Simpson maintains several Mix-Mullers which may be rented at a minimal charge. Low rental charges have been established to encourage experimentation with precision mulling mixing. The rental rate escalates to assure the prompt use and return of the unit and reasonable care in handling. Although test mixers are available at our plant for low-cost laboratory-controlled testing, it is not always possible or proper to attempt tests in our laboratory. There may be several reasons for this – material spoilage in transit, change in its physical characteristics from the time it is shipped until it is received by us or because we cannot simulate plant conditions in our laboratory. Prior to shipping the rental unit, we wish to know the nature of the material or materials to be tested so that we may determine whether the problem is beyond the scope of the Simpson Mix-Muller (a Test Data Form is used for this purpose). Experience has shown that this mixer will handle practically any non-fluid product, from dry solids to those materials which are plastic or putty-like.

For more information on rental units, please email our sales department at