Simpson BFS Dosing Systems

Calculated Weight Based Bond Addition

The Simpson Model BFS additive dosing system has been designed to provide continuous dosing of dry materials (primarily bentonite clay) to a continuous cooler or continuous muller in a fully automated system. The BFS is supplied specifically to be used together with the main control systems of a Simpson Multi-Cooler or Simpson Multi-Mull and relies on the control systems of those machines for automatic operation.


Project Information Worksheet

Machine Specifications

Storage Hopper (50 ft.3 – 1.4 m3)
A hopper with 50 ft3 (1.4m3) capacity; supplied with a clean out section that includes a flow cut-off gate that allows access to a grate which prevents oversized and stray material from entering the rotary valve.  It also includes an air diffuser pad that aerates the material within the hopper to ensure consistent flow. The hopper is mounted on three (3x) load cells to monitor loss in weight of the hopper during the time it is not being filled and to provide positive feedback of additive delivery to the Multi-Cooler/Multi-Mull.

Low Level Probe
Two (2x) probes are supplied to be mounted in the Storage Hopper for high-level and low-level indication signaling to stop filling the hopper at high-level and stopping of the BFS at low-level.

Rotary Valve Unit
Consists of a DC drive motor and gear reducer for the rotary valve unit. The valve, motor and reducer are sized for each application. The rotary valve delivers bond at a variable rate to the Screw Feeder Unit. 

Screw Feeder Unit
Consists of a helical auger screw and drive assembly that delivers bond (received from the Rotary Valve Units) to the Multi-Cooler/Multi-Mull via a tube through the wall of the machine. This is a constant speed delivery system, driven by a standard induction motor with a starter.

Operation Specifications
Bond Feed Rate: Controlled by the System Control Panel (specified separately). The rotational speed of the rotary valve is variable, determining the feed rate of the bond. When an increase or decrease in the bond amount is required, the operator adjusts the additive feed rate setpoint on the System Control Panel operator interface.

Bond Addition to Multi-Cooler/Mull: The rotary valves deliver bond to the screw feeder which is driven at a constant RPM. The system Control Panel starts/stops the rotary valve, when addition of bond is required while the panel is in Auto operation. The bond is delivered via the screw feeder.   

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