Gyra Screen

With the acquisition of WEBAC Gesellschaft für Maschinenbau GmbH, Simpson has been able to expand support for the foundry industry.

This includes the integration of the KSS Gyra Screen. With a rugged design, the KSS Gyra Screen is designed for the sieving of coated sand and crushing of lumps. Simpson is continually updating the Simpson KSS Gyra Screen to assure that the modern versions are the best of their respective kind, and in conformance with modern industry practices. The Simpson KSS Gyra Screen is designed to be fully automated and is normally interlocked with other foundry support equipment, e.g., dust collection, raw material delivery systems, etc.

Since the early versions of the Simpson Mix-Muller were introduced to the Foundry Industry in 1912, Simpson has continued to keep pace with the science of sand technology to develop and perfect sand preparation equipment which anticipates the needs of a continually advancing Foundry Industry.

The main body of the KSS Gyra screen is composed of a screen box with a three-layer sieve of different mesh sizes to allow for the customization to meet the foundry’s unique needs. The sieves are easily replaceable by quick-release fasteners. The front panel can be removed to clean the screen. The screen box is on four solid, vibratory supports with universal joints and vibratory springs. An eccentric shaft driven by V-belt drive and three-phase motor. The base frame made of strong profile steel construction with starts for accommodating the lower eccentric shaft bearing and motor housing.

The KSS Gyra Screen is completely assembled into one unit.


Webac Gesellschaft für Maschinenbau mbH in Euskirchen, Germany together with its subsidiaries Webac Maskin AB in Stockholm, Sweden and Webac s.r.o. in Pribram, Czech Republic acquired by Simpson. Webac was originally a licensee of the Beardsley & Piper Speedmullor®. Since the acquisition, many technologies from Webac have been added to the Simpson Technologies product line and vice versa. The Simpson Speedmullor® is manufactured in Euskirchen and in the USA.