WEBAC Core Sand Mixer

With the acquisition of WEBAC Gesellschaft für Maschinenbau GmbH, Simpson has been able to expand support for the foundry industry with the WEBAC Core Sand Mixers – also known as the M Series Ball Mixer and the High-Capacity Spherical Mixer.

Reliability, sturdy design and excellent mixing results are the key features of our ball mixers. The spherical mixing chamber has no corners or edges, ensuring thorough mixing of the sand. Thanks to WEBAC’s special materials and production methods, the mixing ball halves as well as the mixing blades are particularly robust and durable.

During the mixing process, the sand flows over the blades and upwards along the mixing ball half, making continuous wave movements. In the process, the sand grains are also spun around. These two movements ensure thorough mixing of the material, resulting in highly homogeneous core sand.

Thanks to the long service life of the machine parts and the shape of the mixing chamber, our machines require only minimum maintenance and cleaning, and offer great reliability in production.


Project Information Worksheet

Core Sand Mixer Technical Data