Simpson digitally enables equipment with Monitizer®

Many of our customers are digitizing their production and are looking to collect data to improve processes, monitor quality, save cost or track and report parameters. Simpson products often cover a key process step, so extracting data from them can be highly valuable.

That’s why we’re pleased to announce that we are digitally enabling our equipment solutions using the Monitizer Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform.

Monitizer is an equipment-agnostic solution offered by Norican Group (parent group of DISA and Wheelabrator) that allows users to turn data into value. The system enables foundries (and other sectors) to easily collect, visualize, and analyze data to reduce operational costs and make educated improvements to the process.

The technology already connects molding lines and shotblast equipment in green-sand foundries around the world and can easily integrate all types of equipment from all parts of the process, to gain maximum insight and steer the processes towards minimum scrap, maximum productivity, reduced energy use and enhanced quality.

At Simpson, we’re taking pride in leading in innovation and technology for the foundry industry, providing energy efficient equipment and robust process controls. Making Monitizer’s industry-leading IIoT technology available on our equipment is a logical continuation of that strong track-record. It enables you, our customers, to better connect data across your whole process and gain deeper insights into the drivers of great quality, productivity and sustainability.

“Digitally enabling” our equipment means we’ll be installing Monitizer’s NoriGate hardware on our equipment going forward, ready to connect to customizable dashboards and tools. The device will initially be rolled out as standard across our Simpson Hartley® on-line controllers, Simpson Multi-Cooler®, and Simpson Analytics sand laboratory testing equipment. It can also be retrofitted very easily.

Our first installation of a Monitizer solution integrating Simpson equipment is already underway at a North American foundry.

For more information on Monitizer, please visit their website.

Interested in the solution for your Simpson equipment? Please email us.