Emily Shedlarski Becomes a Board Member of the Foundry Educational Foundation

Starting April 2020, Ms. Emily Shedlarski, Simpson begins her 3-year term as a Board Member on the Foundry Educational Foundation (FEF) National Board of Directors. Ms. Shedlarski stated, “I am excited at the opportunity to give back to FEF, the metal casting industry, and help build our future leaders to strengthen our industry.”

Ms. Shedlarski shares how FEF has impacted her life. “I attended FEF’s College Industry Conference [CIC] as a UAB Materials Engineering student in 2013. Prior to the event, I was planning on continuing my career in steel after working for Nucor for over a year as an intern. I received a scholarship from FEF and mentoring from many professors like Dr. Amber Genau, Dr. Robin Foley, and FEF Key Professor Dr. Charlie Monroe. After CIC and time spent in the lab with Dr. Monroe, I was convinced to shift gears and decided to start my career in a green sand foundry.”
In 2018 Ms. Shedlarski joined the FEF Alumni Ambassador program and supported FEF by working with Lizeth Medina, Dana Cooper-Hayes, and Garret Davis to create the first Student Scavenger Hunt at the American Foundry Society’s [AFS] CastExpo held in Atlanta, GA 2019. The Scavenger Hunt engaged students with industry professionals, fellow students, and the local city.

Ms. Shedlarski is committed to being an active member of our industry. She is currently the AFS Tennessee Chapter 2nd Vice-Chairman and was the Chairman of the 2020 AFS Southeast Regional Conference which featured the first ever Student Track where students were taught entry level foundry information like green sand, molding machines, and types of furnaces. She is also an active member of the AFS Women in Metalcasting and AFS Future Leaders in Metalcasting special interest groups.

Ms. Shedlarski commented by saying, “It is an exciting time to be taking on this role, and I am grateful for the support and encouragement from my manager, Bruce Dienst – Past President of FEF, and my incredible team at Simpson”.