New Linear Actuator

Experience precision door control.

The New Linear Actuator is an upgrade for the Multi-Mull and Multi-Cooler replacing the Rotork Actuator. A system that precisely controls door positioning—effortlessly managing both the opening and closing motions. With seamless modulation, this upgrade adapts to changes in sand demand, efficiently raising or lowering the door for optimal performance.

The previous version is now obsolete, making way for enhanced features and advanced capabilities.


  • Increased part life
  • Simplified maintenance
  • Enhanced adjustability

Available for the Simpson Multi-Cooler and Multi-Mull

MC-50 Simpson Multi-Cooler 215G Simpson Multi-Mull
MC-100 Simpson Multi-Cooler 22G Simpson Multi-Mull
MC-150 Simpson Multi-Cooler 225G Simpson Multi-Mull
MC-200 Simpson Multi-Cooler 23G Simpson Multi-Mull
MC-250 Simpson Multi-Cooler 26G Simpson Multi-Mull
MC-300 Simpson Multi-Cooler

The Challenge

The reliability of the Rotork Actuator was diminishing, leading to maintenance challenges. The part is now obsolete, prompting the need for a more dependable solution.

Simpson Solution

The solution - New Linear Actuator. Increased lifespan, effortless adjustments, and simplified maintenance. The perfect combination for optimal performance.