Complete Connected Foundry Support at Donsco

A complete connected foundry supports big ambitions at Pennsylvania-based Donsco.

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Established in 1906 and employing 350 people, Pennsylvania-based Donsco’s two foundries produce short run and longer running gray, ductile, and alloyed iron castings up to 150 pounds in weight. From tooling to molding to completely finished parts, customers love the one-stop foundry service that it provides.

So it’s fitting that a complete foundry package from Norican supports Donsco’s streamlined service. The line at its new foundry shows the complete offering in action, starting with sand preparation using Simpson’s Hartley Dosing System, Multi-Mull and Multi-Cooler, then molding with the DISAMATIC D3 A 425 from DISA and cleaning with the Wheelabrator 2 TMS 34-250.

Relying on Norican for large parts of the casting line means a multi-talented Norican team is always on hand to complement Donsco’s in-house resources – whether the issue is about sand or shot blasting, trouble-shooting or strategic upgrades.

“We have actually now ended up with our most strategic equipment partners all being under the same umbrella. That really cuts down on trying to find out who you need to call” says Chris Buck, VP Operations at Donsco.

“It's very challenging to get good maintenance technicians,” continues Chris. “It's nice to have somebody that we can go to that has the field service engineers and the support staff that can help us out. And that can help us out on, not just on one piece of equipment, but now it’s three major components between the sand and molding and the cleaning side.”

Chris concludes, “We have the ability now to go out and bring more customers online, put more part numbers online and generate additional revenue. We can get better at making a product that's 100% quality, 100% of the time.”

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