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Engineering Bulletin #2020310
Carbide/Ceramic Speedmullor Plows

For better mulling and less downtime foundries worldwide use the coated carbide/ceramic plows on the Simpson Speedmullor®.

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Affected Products: Affected Part: Replacement Part:
Model 85B Speedmullor79773 - Carbide Main Plow
58589 - Carbide Side Plow
58590 - Carbide Under Plow
110923 - Carbide/Ceramic Main Plow
110924 - Carbide/Ceramic Side Plow
110925 - Carbide/Ceramic Under Plow
Model 100B Speedmullor 78502 - Carbide Main Plow
61205 - Carbide Side Plow
57610 - Carbide Under Plow
85393 - Carbide Side Plow
85226 - Carbide Under Plow
110918- Carbide/Ceramic Main Plow
110921 - Carbide/Ceramic Side Plow
110920 - Carbide/Ceramic Under Plow
110921 - Carbide/Ceramic Side
110922 - Carbide/Ceramic Under Plow
Model 55B Speedmullor 58594 - Carbide Main Plow
75147 - Carbide Side Plow
58596 - Carbide Under Plow
113074 - Carbide/Ceramic Main Plow
113075 - Carbide/Ceramic Side Plow
113076 - Carbide/Ceramic Under Plow
Model 150B SpeedmullorContact - Part Sales
Contact - Part Sales
Contact - Part Sales
111865 - Carbide/Ceramic Main Plow
106957 - Carbide/Ceramic Side Plow
106958 - Carbide/Ceramic Under Plow
Model 75B Speedmullor 58593 - Carbide Main Plow
88162 - Carbide Side Plow
61494 - Carbide Under Plow
113071 - Carbide/Ceramic Main Plow
113072 - Carbide/Ceramic Side Plow
113073 - Carbide/Ceramic Under Plows
Model 45B Speedmullor 61498 - Carbide Main Plow
58598 - Carbide Side Plow
58599 - Carbide Under Plow
Contact - Part Sales
Contact - Part Sales
Contact - Part Sales
Current Situation

In order to meet the demands of our customers who wanted plows with a longer life-span we now offer carbide/ceramic plows for the Simpson Speedmullor. Compared to the standard plow, the carbide/ceramic plow is much more durable and has a higher wear resistance. The new carbide/ceramic plows will improve performance and minimize downtime for maintenance.

Simpson Solution

Simpson conducted an experiment testing the resistance of surface coating on three different plows. The first plow had a ceramic covered face surface, the second plow was made with special abrasive resistance alloy coating and the third was a standard carbide plow. All three plows ran 24 hours a day, 5 days a week for 8 months.  At the conclusion of the experiment the end result was this: The carbide/ceramic plows showed a higher wear resistance rate against sand and will stay in operation longer.

The standard plow is not as durable as ceramic material since carbide is only located on the bottom radius and back side of the plow.

The Difference between Carbide/Ceramic and Carbide Plows:

  • The carbide/ceramic plows have special high abrasion resistant surfaces that allow the sand to slide over the plow for better mulling. When correctly and regularly adjusted, they will have a long service life.
  • Whereas, Carbide plows, only has carbide on the bottom radius and back side. With this application, you will get a ripple effect on the face of the Carbide plow, and it will wear much faster.

For better mulling and less downtime foundries worldwide use the carbide/ceramic plows on the Simpson Speedmullor.

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