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Simpson Technologies was founded by the Scottish foundryman Peter L. Simpson in 1912 and is now an over one hundred and ten year-old, five generation family business specializing in the design and production of advanced process technologies and services for the global metal casting and chemical process industries. Our primary products include batch and continuous high intensity mixing equipment, molding sand coolers, on-line mixer control & automation systems, core sand preparation systems, foundry sand reclamation systems and sand laboratory instrumentation.

Foundry Industries

Simpson believes every foundry is different. No one solution is right for everyone. To obtain the full potential from any bentonite bonded sand molding plant, Simpson Technologies brings the world’s largest selection of continually advancing sand preparation and control technologies that can be matched to the specific needs of any project. Whether the application is for a small jobbing steel foundry or a high-production automotive iron or aluminum foundry, we deliver an optimized, high performance solution which maximizes the potential of a molding plant to produce high-value, high-profit metal castings.

Specializing in the field of molding sand preparation and control, Simpson Technologies builds on more than 110 years of experience providing innovative, integrated technologies with uniquely effective performance to the world’s metal casting industry.

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Chemical Process

While conventional mixing is usually adequate for the blending of easy to handle solids, only more intensive forms of mixing can produce total uniformity in a mix of materials having disproportionate mass, particle size, liquidity, viscosity or density. Simpson is here to assist you in reviewing wetted solids mixing options.

Over the last 110 years, Simpson Technologies has developed advancements and customizations for the chemical and industries by closely working with research-based organizations and clients. Simpson equipment provides strong repeatability, process control, advanced energy efficiency and safety.

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