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GIFA 2023 will be the first tradeshow that Simpson Technologies (USA/DEU), Webac Gesellschaft für Maschinenbau mbH (DEU) and Wesman Simpson Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (IND) attend together. Our show theme will be “Better Together – Innovation through Collaboration”. Come see the Simpson/Webac booth in Hall 17, stand B60. Simpson has the largest selection of sand preparation and control technologies in the world and many of them will be available to see at GIFA. Our display will showcase many new innovative solutions designed to benefit every foundry – large or small. At GIFA you will be able to see:

Improve Casting Quality by Cooling & Pre-Mixing your Sand
with the Model MC-25 Simpson Multi-Cooler®

Small foundries worldwide are advancing their sand preparation systems by realizing the benefits of cooling and pre-mixing with the Simpson Multi-Cooler to produce higher quality, profitable castings. This continuous sand cooler has already been installed in India, Sweden, Brazil, Turkey and Switzerland. The MC-25 is the smallest of the 7 Simpson Multi-Cooler models and is typically used in 20 t/h sand system.

New Performance Enhancing Features Designed into the MC-25:
– The Simpson Multi-Cooler is now operating with a fully integrated synchronized drive. This new design features two independent gearmotors that are electronically synchronized to eliminate mechanical alignment issues.
– Benefiting from our experiences with the Simpson Multi-Mull, the Multi-Cooler is now featuring a new stainless steel/chrome plated discharge door operating on a servo actuator to significantly reduce sand sticking, minimize corrosion and door movement restrictions. The servo actuator is smaller, easier to set-up and maintain while providing better overall performance in comparison to previous designs.
– Highlighting our global capabilities, the MC-25 is primarily produced in India by Wesman Simpson Technologies Pvt. Ltd. but the controls and other key components are sourced within the customer region and feature latest generation Siemens or Allen-Bradley controllers.

These advancements can be incorporated into all Simpson Multi-Cooler models.

Save 30-50% on your Energy Cost and 30+% in Installed Cost by Upgrading your Sand Preparation System to the Continuous Simpson Multi-Mull®

In recent years, the competitive global market for complex, high quality and low cost metal castings has encouraged the leading manufacturers of molding machines to develop larger and faster molding lines to achieve previously unattainable levels of productivity per unit of time, space, energy and labor. The Simpson Multi-Mull continuous green sand mixer was introduced in anticipation of the development of these high speed, automated molding systems. Today hundreds of continuous mixers are in daily use in the global foundry industry. Now, with the advancement in sensors, control systems, mechanical components and related technologies, a new generation of the Simpson Multi-Mull advances the continuous mixer to a new level of performance and capability unequaled by any batch mixer. The modern Simpson Multi-Mull is an integrated system of machine and automation that supports the optimal performance of the new automated molding lines.

A sand preparation system based on the continuous Simpson Multi-Mull provides many benefits:
Decreased capital investment costs by producing the greatest volume of high quality prepared sand with the fewest number of machines and components – frequently 30% less space and fewer components.
Reduced operating costs by providing the most prepared sand per hour with the least consumption of electrical energy – frequently 30-50% less than comparable batch mixers – and wearing parts.
Improved casting quality by delivering prepared sand with less variation and consistently superior physical properties. With advanced on-line control systems, complete control over every aspect of the plant is possible.

The Simpson Multi-Mull at GIFA will be a model #23G-250 which has been sold to the Slévárna Heunisch Brno, S.r.o. in Brno, CZE and will be installed together with an MC-200 Simpson Multi-Cooler to provide a fully automated, continuous sand preparation system. In addition to seeing the Multi-Mull on our stand you can listen to our presentation of “New Developments in High Efficiency Continuous Mixing in Green Sand Systems” at the technical sessions. Find out more here.

BRAND NEW On-Line Compactability Control System
Same Robust Control Technology at a Lower Price Point

We frequently heard small foundries needed automation and control for their mixers but they did not need all of the features our most advanced Hartley offered and that the fully featured Hartley was not economically justifiable to a small foundry. To address these concerns we completely redesigned the former model 18Mk2/2502. Now, our choice for small foundry applications is the new Hartley 2502-L1. Designed and built with the same robust control technology, the new Hartley features either the latest generation of Allen-Bradley or Siemens components for both the PLC and HMI. The new Hartley 2502-L1 is specifically designed to provide two essential functions – complete muller automation and precise compactability control – at an affordable price.

The new Hartley 2502-L1 includes several features making it the perfect choice for small foundries:
– A cost significantly below the full featured Hartley and all other competitive equipment.
– A smaller, more compact design for easier installation.
– New features reduce maintenance costs – the pneumatic assembly manifold is now inside the cabinet enclosure rather than being mounted on top. This design improvement keeps the manifold clear of sand and allows for a clean environment when replacing solenoid valves. Another new maintenance friendly feature is the stainless steel sand deflector shield which keeps sand off the travel rails.

Industry 4.0 – Smart On-Line Control Technology
with the Simpson Hartley®

Controlling the consistency of your sand is essential in producing higher quality castings and increasing your overall profitability. The Simpson Hartley on-line controller has been designed to precisely control green sand compactability and provide full automation for an entire mixer/muller group. The controller also measures and records green strength and moisture. The new Model #2552-C1 is optimized to be integrated with and fully automate the Simpson Multi-Mull continuous mixer and it includes several new “Industry 4.0” focused features including machine vibration and temperature monitoring to provide feedback to maintenance personnel on potential developing problems.

We will be displaying the entire Simpson Analytics sand testing product line. The display will be divided into two sections with one section dedicated to green and clay-bonded sand testing and the second section dedicated to chemically-bonded sand testing for, nobake, cold box, and shell sand processes.

Featured green sand testing devices:
42104 Electronic Universal Sand Strength Machine: Determines strength properties of clay and chemically-bonded sands. The 42104 measures the force needed to reach the point of maximum strength without crushing the sand specimen, allowing for more accurate test results. The 42104 also can perform over 10 different strength tests with added accessories and can be digitally calibrated by the user with a Simpson Mechanical Load Cell.
42115 High Temperature Compression Tester: Determines the hot properties of clay or chemically bonded sand specimens. Through utilization of load cell and displacement sensor technology, a foundry can determine real time strength and deformation and display the stress strain curve on the built in monitor.

Featured chemically-bonded sand testing devices:
PGD-E Gas Pressure Measuring Device: Determines gas pressure and core gas volume by heating core sands which can be displayed on a computer as a pressure-volume diagram. Better understanding of core gas volume levels will allow a foundry better control gas defects which occur during the solidification phase.
42114 Hot Distortion Tester: Measures corresponding deflections of shell transverse specimens and displays the distortion curve on a built-in color monitor, which can be used to provide an indication of thermal expansion, hot brittleness, burnout rate, and themroplacity. Through hot distortion testing, a foundry can better understand defects such as veining as well as broken molds.

Newly Upgraded OEM Parts
Designed for Optimal Performance

To help you get the highest performance and efficiency from your investment in Simpson products, we are constantly making product improvements to increase machine performance and lower its operating costs. Visit us at GIFA and ask about how our upgraded parts can benefit your foundry.

Also, while you are at our booth find out how you can receive discounts on having a fully qualified Simpson service engineer visit your plant, inspect your equipment and make sure it is operating at optimal performance levels. By joining our Performance Partnership Program you can also receive discounts on machine upgrade and modernization kits.

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