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Shell/Croning Sand Laboratory

Model 42104
Electronic Universal Sand Strength Machine

The Electronic Universal Sand Strength Machine determines the strength properties of clay and/or chemically bonded foundry sand specimens. This strength machine applies pressure on a sand specimen …

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Model 42104F
Hot Shell Tensile Accessory

This accessory to the Electronic Universal Sand Strength Machine, Model No. 42104 is used to measure the hot tensile strength of shell sands. The unit has both mechanical and electrical connections…

Model 42104L
Shell Transverse Strength Accessory

Attached to the Electronic Universal Sand Strength Machine (Model 42104), this accessory breaks shell/croning transverse specimens.
The component is designed to hold the AFS standard ¼ in. (…

Model 42104N
Cold Shell Tensile Strength Accessory

The Cold Shell Tensile Strength Accessory is used to determine tensile strength of shell/croning coated molding and core sands when mounted on the Electronic Universal Sand Strength Machine (Model …

Model 42106
Laboratory Sifter

The Laboratory Sifter is used to determine the fineness of foundry sands. The sifter is designed to hold up to 11 standard half-height, 8-inch or 200mm diameter sieves. The Sand Testing Sieves, Mod…

Model 42106A
Sand Testing Sieves

The Sand Testing Sieves are used with the Laboratory Sifter, Model No. 42106 for determining the AFS grain fineness number and for the distribution of molding and core sands. Included are a nest of…

Model 42106B
1/8″ Microsplitter

The 1/8” Microsplitter is used to prepare a representative sample of unbonded foundry sands for sieve analysis testing. Sixteen 1/8” chutes obtain representative sand samples of 125 grams or sm…

Model 42106D
1/2″ Riffle Splitter

The ½” Riffle Splitter accessory is used to prepare a representative sample of unbonded foundry sands for sieve analysis testing,

Fourteen 1/2” chutes divide the sand accurately in half…

Model 42109
Test Pieces Blower

The Test Pieces Blower is used to make standard tensile, transverse (except cold box) and hot distortion test pieces.

Considering that blowing is the most widely used compacting method for c…

Model 42114
Hot Distortion Tester

The Hot Distortion Tester measures the expansion and high temperature plastic performance of chemically bonded sands when suddenly heated by liquid metal.

When a mold or a core is suddenly h…

Model 42118
Digital Balance

The Digital Balances, Models 42118, offer a sand laboratory the speed and accuracy required to perform all weighing applications. All balances feature solid construction, a high contrast display an…

Model 42127
Muffle Furnace

The Muffle Furnace is used to calculate loss on ignition (LOI) and volatiles on both chemically and clay bonded foundry sands.  This calculation allows foundries to monitor and control organic add…

Model 42152
Melt Point Tester

The test apparatus consists of a heated bar in which a temperature gradient is established so that the left end of the bar is cooler than the right. The temperature gradient of the bar can be contr…

Model PGD-E
Gas Pressure Measuring Device

In order to accurately measure the gas pressure from foundry sands, this instrument can be used.  To measure, a sand sample is heated then the gas pressure is recorded over time.

The succes…

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