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Clay Bonded Sand Laboratory (Advanced)

Model 42100A
Tube Filler Accessory

The Tube Filler Accessory assists in filling the specimen tube for compactability tests. It assures that properly riddled sand fills the specimen tube from a standard and fixed distance. Utilized W…

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Model 42104
Electronic Universal Sand Strength Machine

The Electronic Universal Sand Strength Machine determines the strength properties of clay and/or chemically bonded foundry sand specimens. This strength machine applies pressure on a sand specimen …

Model 42104D
Splitting Strength Accessory

To determine the splitting strength of clay bonded molding sands in green or dry conditions, two specially designed circular clamps are attached to the Electronic Universal Sand Strength Machine (M…

Model 42104E
Green Deformation Accessory

This accessory measures the deformation of the green sand specimen after a compression test on the Electro nic Universal Sand Strength Machine, Model No. 42104. Deformation is the change in the len…

Model 42105
Digital Absolute Permmeter

The Digital Absolute Permmeter is a fully automatic system which measures the permeability of porous sand masses, both in compacted and loose states.  Simply place your specimen on the rubber pede…

Model 42106
Laboratory Sifter

The Laboratory Sifter is used to determine the fineness of foundry sands. The sifter is designed to hold up to 11 standard half-height, 8-inch or 200mm diameter sieves. The Sand Testing Sieves, Mod…

Model 42106A
Sand Testing Sieves

The Sand Testing Sieves are used with the Laboratory Sifter, Model No. 42106 for determining the AFS grain fineness number and for the distribution of molding and core sands. Included are a nest of…

Model 42106B
1/8″ Microsplitter

The 1/8” Microsplitter is used to prepare a representative sample of unbonded foundry sands for sieve analysis testing. Sixteen 1/8” chutes obtain representative sand samples of 125 grams or sm…

Model 42106D
1/2″ Riffle Splitter

The ½” Riffle Splitter accessory is used to prepare a representative sample of unbonded foundry sands for sieve analysis testing,

Fourteen 1/2” chutes divide the sand accurately in half…

Model 42108
Methylene Blue Clay Tester

The Methylene Blue Clay Tester is used to determine the amount of live bentonite clay present in a sand sample. A five-gram sand sample is washed in a sodium pyrophosphat e solution in the Ultrason…

Model 42108B
Ultrasonic Cleaner

The Ultrasonic Cleaner is used with the Methylene Blue Clay Tester (Model 42108) to scrub a sand sample before the addition of methylene blue dye.

The digital timer and the ability to heat t…

Model 42110
Laboratory Muller

The Simpson Laboratory Muller is used to prepare mixtures of clay bonded foundry sands and other chemical processing applications that require the high intensity mulling action of the wheels. The m…

Model 42112
Wet Tensile Tester

The Wet Tensile Strength Tester determines tensile strength of the condensation zone that is created in all clay bonded molds during and after pouring. The wet tensile strength is determined by pul…

Model 42118
Digital Balance

The Digital Balances, Models 42118, offer a sand laboratory the speed and accuracy required to perform all weighing applications. All balances feature solid construction, a high contrast display an…

Model 42119
Rapid Sand Washer

The Rapid Sand Washer is used to prepare a sand sample for the AFS Clay Tester, Model No. 42131. This washer agitates the sand at a high speed which scrubs the adhering clay from the sand grains. T…

Model 42125
Mechanical Load Cell

The Mechanical Load Cell is used to calibrate loads on the following Simpson laboratory equipment: the Electronic Universal Sand Strength Machine, Model No. 42104, the

Model 42127
Muffle Furnace

The Muffle Furnace is used to calculate loss on ignition (LOI) and volatiles on both chemically and clay bonded foundry sands.  This calculation allows foundries to monitor and control organic add…

Model 42129
Drying Oven

The Drying Oven is used to prepare clay bonded molding sands for testing dry sand properties.  Dry strength is the measure of resistance to sand inclusion and erosion type defects.  In addition, …

Model 42130
Moisture Analyzer

The Moisture Analyzer is used to determine the moisture content of green sand and other raw materials used within the foundry. Depending upon the unit, at least 25g up to 90g of sand are placed on …

Model 42131
AFS Clay Tester

AFS clay is the percentage of particles with a diameter less than 20 microns in a foundry sand sample. This includes active clay, dead clay, silt and inert fines. The sand sample to be tested must …

Model 42132
Permeability Standard

The Permeability Standard is used to verify and calibrate the Digital Absolute Permmeter, Model No. 42105. The accuracy of the permmeter can be verified in seconds.

Model 42137
Analytical Balance

The Analytical Balance is a high precision weighing instrument necessary for several standard AFS or DIN tests requiring high accuracy measurements. These balances feature an oversized chamber, ful…

Model 42141
Friability Tester

The Friability Tester is used to determine the friability (surface integrity) of a clay bonded foundry molding sand by measuring the ability of compacted molding sand to resist abrasion or scuffing…

Model 42142
Mold Hardness Tester B-Scale

The instrument is portable, lightweight and easy to operate. It incorporates an LCD display that clearly indicates the hardness number and completely eliminates any operator error associated with r…

Model 42160
Digital Pneumatic Sand Squeezer

This instrument was designed to mimic the compressing action of an automatic molding machine in order to measure the effects the sand has upon its compactionabilities.  Also, the device prepares s…

Model PFP
Mold Strength Tester

This electronic mold strength tester ensures a practically movement-free force measurement by means of an oscillating crystal-controlled sensor. The measured force, which corresponds to the penetra…

Model PVF-C

The Minilab is a multi-purpose instrument used to determine strength properties of clay and/or chemically bonded foundry sand specimens.  This advanced technology may be used to create a 50mm x 50…

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