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Hartley Compactability Controller 2502-L1

Automatic Compactability Control For Your Green Sand System

Controlling the consistency of your sand is essential in producing higher quality castings and increasing your overall profitability. By reducing human error and by providing data tracking, hundreds of foundries have increased process control and reliability. The Hartley reduces compactability swings, stabilizes moisture levels and reduces sand related defects.

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Improvements and New Features

Model 2502-L1 is a completely redesigned version of the older 18Mk2/2502 tester system designed for precise compactability control and mixer automation perfect for batch mixing systems in small foundries at an affordable price. The Model 2502-L1 can be supplied with either the latest generation of Allen-Bradley or Siemens components for both the PLC and the operator interface (HMI).

  • Significantly less than the 2552-B1 making it more affordable for smaller foundries.
  • Significantly smaller than the 2552-B1 making it easier to install in smaller mixing systems.
  • The upgraded input/output (I/O) link connectivity within the Hartley panel offers fast configuring, commissioning and reduces variation by providing consistent communication between the sensors/actuators and the controller.
  • Several improvements have been made to the 2502-L1 to reduce maintenance costs and increase reliability:
    – The rotary actuator on the funnel assembly from the older version has been replaced with a simpler pneumatic cylinder and bearing arrangement.
    – A stainless steel sand deflector shield is mounted to the specimen tube assembly to protect the travel rails and cylinder rod from sand build-up and wear.
  • The externally mounted air valve manifold in the old design has now been updated and moved to the inside of the tester enclosure. This enhancement keeps the manifold clear of sand and allows for a cleaner environment when replacing solenoid valves.

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