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Simpson Hartley Online Control & Automation


Controller Data


Controller Data

Controlling the consistency of your sand is essential in producing higher quality castings and increasing your overall profitability. But controlling compactability swings, stabilizing your moisture levels and reducing sand related defect rates can be a challenge.

What if you could…

  • Reduce bad molds by reducing swings in compactability readings to control sand consistencies? Would that help you improve the quality of your castings?
  • Realize full automation on your mixer system and eliminate dedicated labor? Would you be able to reallocate your mixer operators to another part of the foundry?

The Simpson Hartley control system and compactability controller has been designed to precisely control green sand compactability, bond addition and water addition as well as provide full automation for an entire mixer/muller group. The compactability controller also measures and records green strength and moisture.

When combined with a capable batch or continuous muller, the Simpson Hartley enables you to:

  • Accurately and automatically control prepared green sand to within ±3 compactability points from a desired set point (When a properly designed system and good sand handling practices are followed)
  • Interface with the sand system and/or molding line so that molding sand is produced only when desired and/or capable
  • Automatically measure EVERY sand batch
  • Access sand data that can assist in determining the cause of your sand related scrap

The Simpson Hartley system has been installed on over 900 mixers in more than 35 countries. Simpson Technologies was chosen due to:

  • Simpson’s extensive experience in control technologies
  • The robust software which experienced engineers make continuous improvements based on customer feedback
  • The robust and unique mechanical design of our tester
  • The ability to utilize Allen Bradley or Siemens PLC and HMI


“The performance of Model 17Mk2/2552 Simpson Hartley control & automation system on a continuous Simpson Multi-Mull has been 91% +/- 2 points; 97% +/- 3 points.”
– TJ Costello, Fittings Production Manager

Foundry: Grey Iron
Casting: Valves
Molding processes: DISA, HWS & Pipe
Mixer: Simpson Multi-Mull (Continuous Muller)
Controller: (3) Simpson Hartleys

“We are dependent on the Simpson equipment because it takes very little labor just to test the properties. There is nobody dedicated to watching the equipment. It’s just dependable and it runs…”
– Michael Whitfield, VP of Manufacturing

Foundry: Grey Iron
Casting: Thin walled grey iron cookware castings
Molding processes: (3) DISA
Mixer: Simpson Speedmullor (Batch Muller)
Controller: (2) Simpson Hartleys

“Their technical expertise is second to none in the industry…”
– Geary Smith, Vice President of Operations

Foundry: Brass and Aluminum
Casting: Jobbing Foundry
Molding processes: Sinto FBO and Jolt Squeeze
Mixer: Simpson Mix-Muller (Batch Muller)
Controller: Simpson Hartley


“Before [the Hartley], we had wide swings in our compactability readings and couldn’t attain the sand consistency we needed. Now we’re within +/-2 points and are reaping the benefits in cost savings and customer satisfaction. With the Hartley our muller operators have been relocated, bond consumption is down, scrap has been reduced and bad molds are pretty much a thing of the past. Payback was about one year. We feel we’re saving a little more than $100,000 annually. All of that can be attributed to the Hartley unit.” – Foundry Superintendent of an iron foundry

“With the Hartley units in place, we’re able to run with lower moisture content due to the consistent compactability numbers the units provide. And, lower moisture results in smoother, higher quality castings. We’ve also benefited from fewer batches of sand and reduced sand related defects… our low maintenance Hartley units run virtually unattended, allowing us to relocate our operators and achieve greater productivity.” – Vice President/COO of a ductile iron casting facility

“For the past three years, our Hartley has been trouble free and virtually maintenance free. The Hartley has met our challenge to control moisture and compactability swings head-on. Our payback was less than six months. Now our sand conditions are great. We’ve noticed a substantial reduction in scrap and bad molds and have a very positive gain in productivity.”  – President of a grey and ductile iron foundry

“We had been experiencing +/-9 point swings in our compactability readings. Now, we’re at +/-3 points in a 6 sigma operation. We’ve never had more consistent sand conditions. I can’t think of any equipment today that gives this kind of return.” – QC/Metallurgist of a complex cored grey and ductile iron foundry

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