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Bucket Elevator

Reliable. Robust. Easy to Maintain.

With the acquisition of Webac Gesellschaft für Maschinenbau GmbH, Simpson Technologies Corporation has been able to expand support for the foundry industry.

The Webac CC Series Bucket Elevator has been designed to be heavy-duty for green sand foundry applications. Engineered to meet each foundry’s needs with varying height ranges, bucket sizes, pully head sizes, and capacities.

Webac CC Series Bucket Elevator is engineered to operate automatically and is normally interlocked with other foundry support equipment, e.g. the cooler or mixer, raw material delivery systems, etc.

The bucket elevator featured on the right has a self-tensioning mechanism this can be ordered optionally to minimize maintenance and extend process reliability.

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The Webac CC Series Bucket Elevator consists of:

  • head segment made of welded steel plates including  inspection  flaps, outlet funnel and connecting flange for exhausting,
  • driving pulley rubberised as well as crowned and true machined, traversing shaft with outer bearing, geared engine with torque support and electrical controlled brake,
  • standard segments, assembly segment and  adjusting segment made of welded and stiffened steel plates,  insides of all segments coated with plastic vanish.
  • base segment including inspection flaps, inflow funnel made of stainless steel, sand flashing above ribbed idler pulley, traversing shaft with outer bearing and spindle tension device,
  • elevator buckets made of  stainless steel with wearing strips, elastic washers and selfcentering fixing bolts, rubber  belt  with fixing holes,
  • electronic speed monitoring

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Webac Gesellschaft für Maschinenbau mbH in Euskirchen, Germany together with its subsidiaries Webac Maskin AB in Stockholm, Sweden and Webac s.r.o. in Pribram, Czech Republic acquired by Simpson. Webac was originally a licensee of the Beardsley & Piper Speedmullor®. Since the acquisition, many technologies from Webac have been added to the Simpson Technologies product line and vice versa. The Simpson Speedmullor® is manufactured in Euskirchen and in the USA.

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