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The Peter L. Simpson Gold Medal of the American Foundry Society

The Peter L. Simpson gold medal of the American Foundry Society was established in 1946 through a donation of $5,000 by Simpson Technologies Corporation (formerly known as National Engineering Co.) of Chicago for endowment of an award fund that would make possible the honoring of an individual for outstanding career achievements within the foundry industry. Proffered to AFS by Simpson Technologies Chairman Mr. Herbert S. Simpson (AFS President 1941-42), the endowment was accepted by the AFS Board of Directors and was awarded for the first time at the 50th Anniversary AFS Casting Congress in Cleveland, Ohio in May, 1946. The first recipient of the medal was Mr. Howard F. Taylor, formerly of the Naval Research Laboratory then a Research Associate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Mass.

In accepting the generous offer of Mr. Simpson, the award agreement includes all of the general conditions associated with the previous four gold medal awards – the John H. Whiting, the John A. Penton, the William H. McFadden and the Joseph S. Seaman medal awards which have been bestowed periodically by AFS since 1924. The Peter L. Simpson award is intended to be a medal conferred upon some person „who shall, by their individual effort, achieve very noteworthy results toward the achievement of those objectives for which the American Foundry Society was formed.“ As with all AFS gold medals, the selection of recipients with achievements deemed worthy of recognition rests solely with the AFS Board of Awards consisting of the last 5 living past presidents of the Society who are able and willing to serve.

When Herbert .S. Simpson, tendered the new endowment fund to AFS he did so as a memorial to his father the late Peter L. Simpson. Its acceptance by unanimous action of the AFS Board of Directors, was accompanied by the following motion: „That AFS accepts with gratitude the generous offer of Mr. H. S. Simpson to endow an AFS Memorial Fund in memory of the late Peter L Simpson, and that a special committee of the Board is appointed to confer with the donor at the earliest possible date, to the end that the greatest good be accomplished for the foundry industry in honor of one of its outstanding pioneers.“

History of Recipients

1946   Howard F. Taylor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA

1947   Dr. Richard A. Flinn, Jr., American Brake Shoe Co., Mahwah, NJ

1948   Peter E. Rentschler, Hamilton Foundry & Machine Co., Hamilton, OH

1949   Russell J. Anderson, Belle City Malleable Iron Co., Racine, WI

1951   Thomas W. Curry, Lynchburg Foundry Co., Lynchburg, VA

1952   Albert P. Gagnebin and *Keith D. Millis, International Nickel Co., New York, NY

1953   James H. Smith, Central Foundry Div., General Motors Corp., Saginaw, MI

1954   Roy A. Gezelius, General Steel Castings Corp., Eddystone, PA

1955   John E. Rehder, Canada Iron Foundries Ltd., Montreal, PQ, Canada

1957  Charles K. Donoho, American Cast Iron Pipe Co., Birmingham, AL

1959  John A. Rassenfoss, American Steel Foundries, East Chicago, IN

1961  Merton C. Flemings, Jr., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA

1964  Dr. Albert L. DeSy, University of Ghent, Belgium

1967  Ronald W. Ruddle, Foseco, Inc., Cleveland, OH

1969  Elmer E. Braun, Central Foundry Div., General Motors Corp., Saginaw, MI

1972  Aldo Dacco, LIASA, Milan, Italy

1973  John A. Wagner, Sr., Wagner Castings Co., Decatur, IL

1974  Collins L. Carter, Hayes-Albion Corp., Jackson, MI

1977  Karl L. Landgrebe, Wheland Foundries Inc., Chattanooga, TN

1978  Bernard N. Ames, Columbian Bronze Corp., Freeport, Long Island, NY

1979  Charles F. Seelbach, Jr., Forest City Foundries Co., Cleveland, OH

1982  Glenn W. Stahl, Stahl Specialty Co., Kingsville, MO

1983  Burleigh E. Jacobs, Grede Foundries, Inc., Milwaukee, WI

1985  Thomas R. Wiltse, Central Foundry Div., General Motors Corp., Saginaw, MI

1986  Ashley B. Sinnett, American Foundrymen’s Society, Inc., Des Plaines, IL

1987  Charles E. Drury, Hayes-Albion Corp., Jackson, MI

1988  Lawrence S. Krueger, Pelton Casteel, Inc., Milwaukee, WI

1991  George N. Booth, Ford Motor Co., Casting Div., Dearborn, MI

1992  George W. Mathews, Jr., Intermet Corp., Atlanta, GA

1995  T. Morris Hackney, Citation Corporation, Birmingham, AL

1997  James D. Pearson, Aurora Metals Division LLC, Montgomery, IL

2001  R. Conner Warren, Citation Corp., Birmingham, AL

2003  Ray H. Witt, CMI Management Services, Southfield MI

2007  Gary L. Thoe, Waupaca Foundry, Waupaca, WI

2016  Frank C. Headington, Neenah Foundry Company, Neenah, WI

2017 Gary M. Gigante, Waupaca Foundry, Waupaca, WI

2020 Dennis Dotson, Dotson Iron Castings, Mankato, MN

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