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Simpson is internationally renown for our Sand Preparation solutions. Did you know we also provide Sand Reclamation solutions? We will be exhibiting our Model 4-Cell Simpson Pro-Claim­® which pneumatically reclaims chemical or bentonite bonded ceramic, silica or non-silica sand for as little as $1.00 per ton.

At CastExpo 2022 we will showcase our Simpson Pro-Claim®, Lab Equipment and our completely redesigned and updated Simpson Hartley. Visit us at booth 1549!

Reclaimed Sand or Ceramic Material That Performs As Well As – Or Better Than – New
In today’s competitive market you can’t afford to miss the savings and technical advantages available from reclamation. With the Simpson Pro-Claim® you can pneumatically reclaim your chemical or bentonite bonded ceramic, silica or non-silica sand for as little as $1.00 per ton. By reclaiming your sand or ceramic material with the Simpson Pro-Claim or Simpson Even-Flo you will be able to:

  • Reduce your total sand or ceramic cost, which includes the following costs: purchase, delivery, unloading, storing, handling and disposal, including expensive landfill fees
  • Be more environmentally responsible by reducing materials sent to a landfill
  • Produce better castings at a lower cost
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Controlling the consistency of your sand is essential in producing higher quality castings and increasing your overall profitability. But controlling compactability swings, stabilizing your moisture levels and reducing sand related defect rates can be a challenge.

What if you could…

  • improve process control by reducing compactability reading swings, which leads to the decrease in production of scrap castings?
  • reduce labor costs with full automation on your mixer system?

The Simpson Hartley control system and compactability controller has been designed to precisely control green sand compactability, bond addition and water addition as well as provide full automation for an entire mixer/muller group. The compactability controller also measures and records green strength and moisture. Learn More

Reliable and Repeatable Sand Testing Solutions for Small to Large Foundries:

42104 Electronic Universal Sand Strength Machine: Determine the strength properties of clay and chemically-bonded sands. This device delivers extremely accurate and repeatable green compression, transverse, and tensile strength results.

42131 AFS Clay Tester: Calculate the total percentage of fine materials in a sand sample. This device features advanced on-board microprocessor technology that allows the operator to preset the number of cycles and adjust settling times.

42160 Digital Pneumatic Squeezer: More representative of modern molding machines when compared to the traditional 3-ram method. The 42160 utilizes high pressure squeezing to provide more consistent and accurate results and displays the results on a digital display. This easy to operate device eliminates operator error and is used to prepare and determine compactability of a standard test specimen.

Advanced Technology for Elevated Temperature Testing Solutions:
42112 Wet Tensile Strength Tester: Control expansion defects by utilizing data provided by the 42112. This device determines tensile strength of the condensation zone by utilizing a heating element to recreate the environment at the mold-metal interface.

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Newly Upgraded OEM Parts
Designed for Optimal Performance

To help you get the highest performance and efficiency from your investment in Simpson products, we are constantly making product improvements to increase machine performance and lower its operating costs. Learn More

Maximize Performance & Avoid Unexpected Downtime with Simpson’s Partnership Program
Get the highest performance & efficiency from your investment in Simpson products. Alleviate labor shortages and receive discounts on plant visits.

Skilled Simpson Technologies service engineers are ready to work with you to achieve and maintain peak performance, directly affecting your production capabilities and profits through lower scrap and reduced operating and maintenance costs. Learn More

Visit us at CastExpo Booth 1549 and ask about how our equipment, parts and services can benefit your foundry. Equipment | Parts | Service

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