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Maxwell Auto Components Pvt. Ltd. Reduces Scrap Rate By 2% With Simpson Multi-Cooler

M/s Maxwell Auto Components Private Limited is an IATF 16949:2016 & ISO 9001:2015 certified grey iron foundry that began operation in 2013 on a greenfield site in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu – India. The initial construction of the foundry utilized technologies from global leaders such as Inductotherm Tri-Trak® furnaces for the melt shop and a DISA MATCH 20/24 matchplate molding machine with automatic core setter. The 30 t/h sand preparation plant for the molding line was based on a DISA SAM 3-40 turbine mixer with on-line controls.

Once in operation the foundry realized that the quality and consistency of the sand preparation system and the performance of the molding line could be improved with a sand cooler. After researching all of the available technologies a decision was made in 2018 to invest in a model MC-50 Simpson Multi-Cooler®. The sand cooler was produced in India by Wesman Simpson Technologies Pvt. Ltd. which is a joint venture company between Simpson Technologies Corporation located in the USA and Wesman Engineering Pvt. Ltd. located in India.

The Simpson Multi-Cooler was installed at the beginning on 2019 and after six months of operation Mr. C. Uvaraj – Plant Head / Foundry Operations of Maxwell said “we have scrutinized the first six months of operating data before and after the Simpson Multi-Cooler installation and the observations are below”:

  1. We have observed that the discharged sand moisture from the Simpson Multi-Cooler is at 2% and the sand temperature is now below 49° C (even during peak summer months) which has allowed us to reduce our scrap rate by 2%.
  2. We have reduced bond addition by 0.2%.
  3. We have completely eliminated having a water spray addition system to cool the temperature of the sand on the belt. Now the sand plant is cleaner and we have reduced our labor and maintenance costs.
  4. We have also noticed that the product change over having a higher sand to metal ratio, even in peak summer months was done seamlessly.

Mr. C. Uvaraj also said, “we are very satisfied with the performance of Simpson Multi-Cooler and also very satisfied with the after sales service rendered by its service personnel.”

The Simpson Multi-Cooler provides Maxwell Auto Components with pre-mixing of return sand variations, cooling of hot return sand to temperatures that allow maximum effectiveness of expensive bentonite and stable moisture to improve the performance of the sand mixer & automated controls. Sand discharged from the Multi-Cooler also creates less dust and improves the foundry environment while reducing the amount of housekeeping and maintenance. More than 35 Simpson Multi-Coolers have been made by Wesman Simpson Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in India and more than 800 are installed worldwide. For more information on the Simpson Multi-Cooler see the product page here.

For more information on Maxwell Auto Components Private Limited please visit them on their website at www.maxwellfoundry.com.

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