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Simpson Solutions for Small Foundries at CastExpo

CastExpo is the largest exhibition of foundry technology in the America’s. This year the American Foundry Society is hosting CastExpo in Atlanta, Georgia.  We invite you to visit us at booth #2111 where our theme will be “Simpson Solutions for Small Foundries”. We intend to exhibit several important new innovations in several product lines. These new developments will give you new opportunities to produce the highest quality castings at the lowest total operational cost.

Simpson is well known for our large mixers, coolers and sophisticated on-line control & automation systems but small foundries need effective sand preparation technologies too – at affordable prices.  At CastExpo 2019 we will exhibit newly designed and improved versions of our Multi-Cooler, Mix-Muller and Hartley product lines – suitable for a 20 t/h sand system – that have been totally redesigned to provide advanced performance within the budget of smaller foundries.

We will be exhibiting these brand new technologies:

MC-25 Simpson Multi-Cooler – A small 20 t/h sand preparation system would also benefit from the cooling and pre-mixing of return sand to remove variations prior to mixing. Many small foundries actually have more molding lines than larger ones and the return sand variation is greater.  The MC-25 is the smallest of the 7 Simpson Multi-Cooler models and is typically used in a 20 t/h sand system.  On the MC-25 we will exhibit at CastExpo we will also show our new drive system consisting of fully independent, electronically synchronized gearmotor drives.  This significant new development will be available on all sizes of new Multi-Coolers and can be retrofitted to existing Multi-Coolers.  Find out what a synchronized drive is and why this is a huge performance improvement here.

2G Simpson Mix-Muller – In many cases the best choice for a small 20 t/h sand system is the model 2G Simpson Mix-Muller.  Compared to competitive mixers, this muller uses less energy (less expensive to operate) and allows for larger batches/longer mixing cycles (better control).  The Mix-Muller allows a small foundry to produce the highest quality sand at the lowest total operational cost.  Learn what new product enhancements the Mix-Muller offers to maximize performance, versatility and lower operating costs here.

Simpson Hartley – We frequently heard small foundries needed automation and control for their mixers but they did not need all of the features our most advanced Hartley offered and that the most advanced Hartley was not affordable for a small foundry.  To address these concerns we completely redesigned the model 18Mk2/2502 into a smaller, simpler but still very capable 2502L.  Now, even small foundries can get complete mixer automation and precise compactability control at an affordable price.  Find out more about this new product here!

Simpson Analytics – A basic set of sand testing equipment is not a big investment but it can provide big benefits in process control.  At CastExpo we will exhibit the key pieces of a basic green sand and chemically bonded sand laboratory as well as some important new technologies that would benefit every foundry.  Learn more about our advanced sand testing equipment here.

OEM Parts – To help you get the highest performance and efficiency from your investment in Simpson products, we are constantly making product improvements to increase machine performance and lower its operating costs. Visit us at CastExpo and ask about how our upgraded parts can benefit your foundry. Also, while you are at our booth find out how you can receive discounts on having a fully qualified Simpson service engineer visit your plant, inspect your equipment and make sure it is operating at optimal performance levels. By joining our Performance Partnership Program you can also receive discounts on machine upgrade and modernization kits.

For more information on any of these innovative new products or product enhancements view our show preview where you can find detailed information on how these products are designed to optimize a small foundries performance.

We hope to see you at CastExpo in Atlanta this April; we will be at booth #2111. If not, we look forward to meeting with you at GIFA this summer where we will have other new innovative developments.  Stay tuned for the GIFA show preview!

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