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See How A Continuous Green Sand Mixer Can Reduce Energy Costs By More Than 30% At The WFO Technical Forum

The World Foundry Organization and Slovenian Foundrymen Society are hosting the WFO Technical Forum and 59th International Foundry Conference with an accompanying exhibition. Simpson Technologies (Deutschland) GmbH together with Webac Gesellschaft für Maschinenbau mbH will be participating in this joint event taking place in Portoroz, Slovenia, from September 18th through the 20th of 2019 under the motto: “castings as complex components”.

While at the event we invite you to attend our presentation on Friday, September 20th at 12:00pm in the Robert Scott Hall for Mr. André Klimm’s technical presentation on the “New Developments in High Efficiency Continuous Mixing in Green Sand Systems”.

The competitive global market for complex, high quality and low cost metal castings has encouraged the leading manufacturers of molding machines to develop larger and faster molding lines to achieve previously unattainable levels of productivity per unit of time, space, energy and labor. The Simpson Multi-Mull continuous green sand mixer was introduced in anticipation of the development of these high speed, automated molding systems. The Simpson Multi-Mull is the only continuous green sand mixer worldwide and is used daily by more than 400 foundries in the global foundry industry.

The presentation will explain the operation of the continuous Simpson Multi-Mull and explain how your foundry can save 30-50% in energy costs and save 30+% in installations costs in the sand preparation system by upgrading your system to the Simpson Multi-Mull.

A case study will be presented where a North American foundry saw a 60% reduction in connected power and a 36% savings in power consumption when they switched from a batch type turbine mixer to the model 23G-250 Simpson Multi-Mull. Figure 1 shows that continuous mulling is more operationally efficient when compared to batch mulling. Batch processing produces a series of inefficient peaks and valleys of power consumption; going from no-load to full-load conditions frequently whereas power consumption with the Simpson Multi-Mull produces a graph that shows the consistent, efficient use of energy. Mr. Klimm’s presentation at the WFO technical forum will further explain this case study and explain how all foundries can achieve similar results and benefit from continuous mulling.

Many new, innovative features have been designed into the Simpson Multi-Mull to improve mixing performance, reduce maintenance costs, reduce operating costs and integrate the muller with advanced controls including “Industry 4.0” features.

For more information on this presentation or to schedule a meeting with Mr. Klimm please email him directly at aklimm@simpsongroup.com. You can also visit him at the exhibition in the James Cook Hall on the first floor at the Siapro/Simpson stand 29S.

If you are interested in learning more about the Simpson Multi-Mull and its development please read our blog article here. We look forward to seeing you in Slovenia next month for the WFO Technical Forum and 59th International Foundry Conference.

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