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See A Comparison Of Sand Ramming VS. Sand Squeezing At The AFS WI Regional Conference

At this year’s AFS Wisconsin Regional Foundry Conference & Exposition we would like to invite you to stop by our booth where we will be conducting a side-by-side demonstration comparing the traditional 3-ram sand rammer and the more modern digital sand squeezer.  See first-hand how the new model 42160 Digital Sand Squeezer produces more accurate, more repeatable and faster results than the old model 42100 Sand Rammer.  Both devices are used to prepare standard 2” x 2” (50mm x 50mm) AFS sand specimens and to determine the compactability of prepared clay bonded molding sand.  The more accurate and repeatable results from the Digital Sand Squeezer can offer many advantageous benefits that will allow you to better control your molding sand to reduce related casting defects.

Stop by booth #5 at the show and see for yourself how traditional sand ramming has evolved to far more advanced technology.  At the demonstration you will see:

  • The pneumatic squeezing method is considered more representative of the compaction methods used in modern matchplate, vertically parted or flask type molding machines.  3-ram sand rammers dates to the days of manual jolt squeeze molding lines.
  • The pneumatic squeezing method is the same method used by modern on-line compactability controllers and the results of both will be more closely correlated.
  • The pneumatic method eliminates operator error from the differences between operators in speed and power used in producing the 3 rams.
  • We will explain how the Digital Pneumatic Sand Squeezer gives you more consistent and repeatable results to provide you better data for sand system management and decision making.
  • That the 42160 Digital Pneumatic Sand Squeezer is capable of storing a predetermined specimen weight value for the purpose of calculating the actual specimen weight.
  • Compactability results are easy to read and displayed on an LCD screen eliminating the variation in operator interpretation of results.
  • The model 42160 Sand Squeezer can be easily digitally calibrated by the operator with the purchase of inexpensive calibration fixtures.
  • The solid cast aluminum housing makes the new model 42160 Sand Squeezer extremely durable.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Potawatomi Hotel and Casino next month.  Please stop by booth #5 to see us but until then you can see a demonstration video of the Digital Pneumatic Sand Squeezer on our website.

If you would like to set-up a meeting please email Ray Burnes, who is the Regional Account Manger of the Midwest to determine a convenient time.


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