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NEW Online Sand Testing Laboratory Resource Center

Having the right sand testing equipment in your facility is essential in your quest to decrease defects, improve casting quality and overall increase your profitability. Whether you are a sand testing novice or an expert, the online resource center can help you easily identify the optimal sand lab technology.

You will get access to the largest, most advanced selection of sand testing equipment in the world with in depth information on over 70 instruments, videos about how the technology works and more.

Finding what is right for you is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Browse equipment by filtering or searching for key phrases
  2. Get recommendations by answering just two key questions
  3. Understand what an optimal sand lab looks like based on your sand casting process

As you select the equipment you need, you can create a customized list to email to yourself and/or a coworker for later reference.

Explore the sand testing laboratory resource center today at www.simpsongroup.com/sandtesting.

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