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Innovation Through Collaboration at GIFA 2019

GIFA 2019 will be the first tradeshow that Simpson Technologies (USA/DEU), Webac Gesellschaft für Maschinenbau mbH (DEU) and Wesman Simpson Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (IND) attend together. Our show theme will be “Better Together – Innovation through Collaboration”. Come see the Simpson/Webac booth in Hall 17, stand B60. Simpson has the largest selection of sand preparation and control technologies in the world and many of them will be available to see at GIFA. Our display will showcase many new innovative solutions designed to benefit every foundry – large or small.

At GIFA you will be able to see:

Model MC-25 Simpson Multi-Cooler – A small 20 t/h sand preparation system would also benefit from the cooling and pre-mixing of return sand to remove variations prior to mixing. Many small foundries actually have more molding lines than larger ones and the return sand variation is greater.  The MC-25 is the smallest of the 7 Simpson Multi-Cooler models and is typically used in a 20 t/h sand system.  On the MC-25 we will exhibit at GIFA we will also show our new drive system consisting of fully independent, electronically synchronized gearmotor drives.  This significant new development will be available on all sizes of new Multi-Coolers and can be retrofitted to existing Multi-Coolers.  Find out what a synchronized drive is and why this is a huge performance improvement here.

Model 23G-250 Simpson Multi-Mull – The Simpson Multi-Mull continuous green sand mixer was introduced in anticipation of the development of high speed, automated molding systems. Today hundreds of continuous mixers are in daily use in the global foundry industry. Now, with the advancement in sensors, control systems, mechanical components and related technologies a new generation of the Simpson Multi-Mull advances the continuous mixer to a new level of performance and capability unequaled by any batch mixer. The modern Simpson Multi-Mull is an integrated system of machine and automation that supports the optimal performance of the new automated molding lines. The Simpson Multi-Mull at GIFA will be a model #23G-250 which has been sold to the Slévárna Heunisch Brno, S.r.o. in Brno, CZE and will be installed together with an MC-200 Simpson Multi-Cooler to provide a fully automated, continuous sand preparation system. In addition to seeing the Multi-Mull on our stand you can listen to our presentation of “New Developments in High Efficiency Continuous Mixing in Green Sand Systems” at the technical sessions. Find out more here.

Simpson Hartley – We frequently heard small foundries needed automation and control for their mixers but they did not need all of the features our most advanced Hartley offered and that the most advanced Hartley was not affordable for a small foundry.  To address these concerns we completely redesigned the model 18Mk2/2502 into a smaller, simpler but still very capable 2502L.  Now, even small foundries can get complete mixer automation and precise compactability control at an affordable price.  Find out more about this new product here!

Simpson Analytics Sand Testing Instrumentation – We will be displaying the entire Simpson Analytics sand testing product line. The display will be divided into two sections with one section dedicated to green and clay-bonded sand testing and the second section dedicated to chemically-bonded sand testing for, nobake, cold box, and shell sand processes. Learn more about our advanced sand testing equipment here.

For more information on any of these innovative new products or product enhancements view our show preview where you can find detailed information on how these products are designed to optimize a foundries performance.

We hope to see you at GIFA in late June; we will be in hall 17, stand B60.

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