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IFEX 2019 Highlights, Insights & What You Missed

The 15th annual IFEX 2019 was the first tradeshow that all Simpson Group companies attended together – Simpson Technologies, Webac and Wesman Simpson. IFEX is an Indian international exhibition of foundry technology, equipment, supplies and services that was hosted in late January 2019 in Delhi, India.

Show visitors were able to see state-of-the-art technologies and services that complemented the growth of the industry. Among the 200 exhibitors, the Simpson Group companies once again had a large presence and technology display. Visitors were able to see and talk to the experts about the following:

The Simpson Multi-Cooler generated numerous insightful technical discussions on how the principle of continuous sand cooling and pre-conditioning could improve a foundry’s operation. Through the elimination of hot sand, the Multi-Cooler stabilizes sand temperature and moisture providing consistent return sand to the muller.

Foundries throughout India are rapidly adopting testing technology such as the Simpson Hartley Controller and advanced sand laboratory instrumentation to improve their foundry’s overall productivity. Booth visitors were able see hands on the ease of how the technology works and the information they could collect to improve the quality of their castings.

Another hot topic showcased how Simpson Technologies and Webac are truly better together by supporting shell coating sand projects for foundries. As India is the biggest market for these processes, conversations with the experts regarding shell coating plants were plentiful.

Over the next two to three years, the foundry market in India is forecasted to remain very strong. The country’s GDP growth is estimated to grow around 7.5%. We look forward to attending IFEX again in 2020 to continue helping foundries advance as the economy continues to grow.

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