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Ceramic Sand Reclamation: A Hot Tradeshow Topic

Simpson Technologies was again a featured sponsor at the American Foundry Society’s 122nd Metalcasting Congress. Close to 2,000 attendees crowded into the convention center in the historic downtown Fort Worth, TX.

The hottest topic was definitely around the viability of using ceramic sand as an option over silica sand to address OSHA’s Silica Rule which goes into effect June 23, 2018. Since ceramic sand is far more costly than silica sand, foundries came to the Simpson booth to discuss the possibility of using the Simpson Pro-Claim® to reclaim ceramic sand. The foundries we spoke to are eager to send their samples of ceramic sand to our test facility in Aurora, IL where, for each foundry, we can use our pneumatic reclamation technology to determine the “reclaimability” of ceramic sand to be used again in the foundry.

Please call your sales representative or contact us at sales.us@simpsongroup.com if you want to learn more about this topic. More information is to come in the near future.

Simpson Technologies, Booth #605 at the AFS Metalcasting Congress.

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