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Bruce W. Dienst was elected to the office of President of the American Foundry Society

On the 23rd of April at the 119th Annual Business Meeting of the American Foundry Society Simpson President Bruce W. Dienst was elected to the office of President of the American Foundry Society. In the photograph Mr. Dienst is seen receiving the ceremonial AFS President’s sand rammer from outgoing AFS President Chris Norch of Dennison Industries. Mr. Dienst is the fourth consecutive President of Simpson Technologies, and the fourth consecutive generation of the Simpson family, to have the honor and responsibility to serve as AFS President. No other company or family in the North American foundry industry has such an achievement in leadership.


Mr. Dienst’s great grandfather Herbert S. Simpson was elected AFS President at the 1941 AFS Casting Congress in New York. A few months after taking office he was tasked with organizing the American foundry industry to support the efforts of the United States in the early stages of WWII following the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Herbert’s son, and the grandfather of current President Dienst, Mr. Bruce Simpson was elected AFS President at the 1955 AFS Casting Congress in Houston. Bruce Simpson wrote the book “The History of Metalcasting” that you can still buy from the AFS bookstore today and he was on the first Foundry Educational Foundation Board of Directors in 1947. In recognition of his long history of leadership to the industry, Mr. Bruce L. Simpson was awarded the William H. McFadden AFS Gold Medal in 1976 at the AFS Casting Congress in Chicago. Mr. Dienst’s father Henry W. Dienst was elected AFS President at the AFS 1996 Casting Congress in Philadelphia and led AFS during their 100th year anniversary celebration. Mr. Dienst’s great, great grandfather was Peter L. Simpson for whom one of the 6 AFS gold medals is named after. Peter L. Simpson was a Scottish foundryman who immigrated to North America in 1871 and worked in various foundries until starting Simpson Technologies in 1912.

Messrs. Herbert Simpson, Henry W. Dienst and Bruce W. Dienst are also all past Presidents of the Casting Industry Suppliers Association. Mr. Bruce W. Dienst is also a past President of the Foundry Educational Foundation.

Simpson Technologies is pleased and honored to support the North American foundry industry with our service and leadership.

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