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Reclaim Your Ceramic Or Silica Sand For As Little As $1.00 A Ton

In today’s competitive market you can’t afford to miss the savings and technical advantages available from reclamation. With the Simpson Pro-Claim® you can pneumatically reclaim your chemical or bentonite bonded ceramic, silica or non-silica sand for as little as $1.00 per ton. Hundreds of foundries around the world are already using the Simpson Pro-Claim to significantly lower their production costs, improve the quality of their castings and reduce their disposal cost.

The Simpson Technologies Performance Laboratory will test your foundry’s sand or ceramic material and select the optimum reclaimer for your particular system requirements. Before making a purchase decision, we will also provide you with a full analysis of the results and invite you to attend the test to see first-hand the benefits offered by pneumatic reclamation.

To learn more about the Sand Reclamation Test Program please watch our video here. In our video you will learn about all the steps involved in the Sand Reclamation Test Program and hear why Manufacturers Brass and Aluminum Foundry (MBAF) found the testing program beneficial.

By watching the video you will also learn that Simpson Pneumatic Reclaimers are compact, easy to install, operate continuously, and do not require an operator or frequent maintenance. There are no moving parts in contact with the sand which helps to minimize wear and maintenance costs.

Compared to thermal reclamation which typically ranges from $6.00-$8.00+ per ton the Pro-Claim, at approximately $1.00 per ton, is a much more cost efficient solution requiring no additional post processing such as screening or cooling and no additional permitting is required.

For more information on sand reclamation or to schedule a test please fill out the below contact form. To learn more about the sand reclamation testing process, the steps involved in scheduling a test and what to expect the day of the test please read our blog article here.

Contact Us To Schedule Your Sand Reclamation Test: 

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