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42105 Digital Absolute Permmeter


Simpson Solution for Permeability Testing Needs

Why Test for Permeability? In a foundry test setting, sand permeability is defined as the time required for a controlled air volume to pass through a sand specimen or porous …


Test Results At Your Finger Tips

The PFP Mold Strength Tester The Simpson Analytics PFP Mold Strength Tester is used to determine the strength properties of clay-bonded foundry sand. The measured force, which corresponds to the …


Impact of Reducing Consumables with the Simpson Pro-Claim®

No two foundries are exactly the same in their combination of sand, binder and operating conditions. As a result, the only way to properly determine the performance and expected payback …


Reclaim Your Ceramic Or Silica Sand For As Little As $1.00 A Ton

In today’s competitive market you can’t afford to miss the savings and technical advantages available from reclamation. With the Simpson Pro-Claim® you can pneumatically reclaim your chemical or bentonite bonded …


Sand Reclamation Test Program

No two foundries are exactly the same in their combination of sand, binder and operating conditions. Before making a purchase decision, we will test your foundry’s sand, provide you with …


New Hartley 2502-L1 On-Line Control Technology

At the 2019 American Foundry Society Castexpo exhibition Simpson announced a complete update of the Hartley on-line compactability control and mixer automation system product line. There are now three new …


Development of the Simpson Multi-Mull

This blog is part 1 of a six part series on the development, design and application of the Simpson Multi-Mull. Successful foundry equipment companies are continuously acquiring or internally developing …

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