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Engineering Bulletin #2020304
New HD Max Gearbox

The new HD Max gearbox has been redesigned to provide maximum performance and efficiency while offering a longer service life at an affordable price for the Simpson Speedmullors®.

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Affected Products: Affected Part: Replacement Part:
85B SpeedmullorQ-61522Q-220915 - HD Max Gearbox
100B-200 Speedmullor Q-64756Q-218740 - HD Max Gearbox
100B-250 Speedmullor Q-84700Q-217740 - HD Max Gearbox
Current Situation

We frequently heard that foundries needed a superior gearbox tailored exactly to the operational and environmental conditions of today’s foundry.  The new HD Max gearbox has been redesigned to provide maximum performance and efficiency while offering a longer service life at an affordable/economical price.

Simpson Solution

To keep up with modern foundry demands we have made many significant innovations to our gearboxes. The new gearboxes for the Simpson Speedmullor promise optimal results through its new design features. The new design features include:

  • A brand new contactless sealing system which provides you with significantly longer maintenance intervals.
  • The thermal oil levels were improved which will save you up to 29% of the oil volume and increases oil service life by over 100%.
  • We have optimized the bearing preload to reduce the formation of heat spots which will increase the bearings service life by up to 220%.
  • We also optimized the gearing topology to help avoid downtime and improve performance and safety.
  • The improved bevel pinion housing enables an optimized oil flow which increases operational reliability and provides you with a 30% reduction in system power.
  • A universal fan guard reduces the oil bath temperature by up to 35% and allows for optimal cooling.
Conversion Kit

Upgrading your Simpson Speedmullor to operate on the new HD Max gearbox requires a one-time conversion. Engineering documents for the conversion is shipped with the conversion kit and includes hard copies of the Gearbox Assembly Drawing, and the associated bill of material, the greasing schematic drawing, the oil filler and sight gauge drawing, as well as the gearbox technical specifications and the gearbox operation and maintenance instructions. Gearbox conversion-installation instructions are also provided.

Upgrade Details  
  • Model:
  • Part Number:
  • Conversion Kit Number:
  • Replaces Part Number:
  • Model:
    85B Speedmullor
  • Part Number:
  • Conversion Kit Number:
  • Replaces Part Number:
  • Model:
    100B-200 Speedmullor
  • Part Number:
  • Conversion Kit Number:
  • Replaces Part Number:
  • Model:
    100B-250 Speedmullor
  • Part Number:
  • Conversion Kit Number:
  • Replaces Part Number:

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