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Engineering Bulletin #2020307
Direct Drive Upgrade

For the model 100B-250 Simpson Speedmullor®.

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100B-250 Speedmullor Engineering RFQ - Direct Drive
Current Situation

The direct drive conversion kit was designed to simplify installation, significantly increase useful life of the gearbox and greatly reduce the drive maintenance by eliminating belts and sheaves.

Simpson Solution

The original 100B-250 drive design required separate mounting for the gearbox, motor, guards and oil cooler. This design also required aligning sheaves and belts and regular maintenance to control belt tension, locating and mounting oil cooler and external piping between oil cooler and gearbox. The new direct drive has been designed as a complete unit, fully assembled and tested, to replace all components of the original drive design. No adapter or mounting brackets are required for installation of the new drive onto an existing Speedmullor®. Furthermore, since the motor is mounted at our facilities no alignment or adjustments are required during installation. The new drive utilizes the same mounting holes as the original drive to help simplify the installation process. The gearbox’s central lubrication (oil cooler) assembly is an integral part of the new drive and it does not required separate mounting or any external piping. The new drive design has been engineered to have a smaller foot print which requires no additional room for installation.

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