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Simpson Multi-Mull Continuous Mixer

Foundries producing medium to very large volumes of castings on high-speed molding lines demand large volumes of prepared sand and maximum productivity from the sand plant. The Simpson Multi-Mull is specifically designed to provide medium to very large volumes of high-quality molding sand on a continuous basis and utilizes the same effective mulling technique as the Simpson Mix-Muller.


Medium- speed, high-intensity, muller-type mixer for continuous operation.


Medium- to very large-sized sand preparation systems seeking consistently high-volumes and maximum efficiency.


  • Back blending
  • Energy efficiency
  • Controlled retention

Two sets of counter-rotating mixing tools provide intensive mixing and continuous back-blending of a large volume of retained sand to eliminate any “first-in/first-out” effect and eliminate the variations in return sand properties. Based on sensors monitoring motor load, the control system adjusts the discharge door opening to maintain a constant volume of sand inside the mixer and/or change the retention time required for different applications.

Efficiency Makes You More Competitive

For high-volume, high-quality, cost-effective casting production, the Simpson Multi-Mull is the best solution. This technology produces larger volumes of molding sand at a lower cost of installation and operation than any other mixer in the world.