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Simpson is well known for our large Speedmullors, our continuous Simpson Multi-Mull with capacities of hundreds of tons per hour in a single machine and our large sand coolers but small foundries need effective sand preparation technologies too – at affordable prices. At CastExpo 2019 we will showcase smaller versions of our Multi-Cooler, Mix-Muller and Hartley product lines – suitable for a 20 t/h sand system – that have been totally redesigned to provide advanced performance within the budget of smaller foundries.

Improve Casting Quality by Cooling & Pre-Mixing your Sand
with the Model MC-25 Simpson Multi-Cooler®

Small foundries worldwide are advancing their sand preparation systems by realizing the benefits of cooling and pre-mixing with the Simpson Multi-Cooler to produce higher quality, profitable castings. This continuous sand cooler has already been installed in India, Sweden, Brazil, Turkey and Switzerland. The MC-25 is the smallest of the 7 Simpson Multi-Cooler models and is typically used in 20 t/h sand system.

New Performance Enhancing Features Designed into the MC-25:
– The Simpson Multi-Cooler is now operating with a fully integrated synchronized drive. This new design features two independent gearmotors that are electronically synchronized to eliminate mechanical alignment issues.
– Benefiting from our experiences with the Simpson Multi-Mull, the Multi-Cooler is now featuring a new stainless steel/chrome plated discharge door operating on a servo actuator to significantly reduce sand sticking, minimize corrosion and door movement restrictions. The servo actuator is smaller, easier to set-up and maintain while providing better overall performance in comparison to previous designs.

These advancements can be incorporated into all Simpson Multi-Cooler models.

Maximize Performance, Versatility & Energy Efficiency with New Product Enhancements
For the Model 2G Simpson Mix-Muller®

In many cases the best choice for a small 20 t/h sand system is the model 2G Simpson Mix-Muller. This muller uses less energy and allows for longer batch cycle times, when compared to competitive mullers. The Mix-Muller allows a foundry to produce the highest quality sand at the lowest cost.  The model 2G at CastExpo was purchased by Valvulas Urrea S.A. de C.V. in Mexico to produce molding sand for three matchplate molding lines including one new Sinto FDNX Matchplate molding machine.

New Product Enhancements Designed into the 2G:
– Increase efficiency and eliminate alignment issues with the upgraded gearmotor which replaces a traditional, belt-based drive system. The Mix-Muller is also available with a variable frequency drive to further increase productivity.
– Visual indicators are engineered directly into the redesigned urethane muller wheel to physically show wheel wear along with multiple built-in lifting points to make maintenance simple, fast and safer.
– Reduce maintenance with a crib wall scraper that continuously cleans the interior side wall build-up. The muller side walls are also fitted with a steel backed urethane side wall liners.

These features can be retrofitted to your existing Simpson Mix-Muller or Simpson Multi-Mull.

BRAND NEW On-Line Compactability Control System
Same Robust Control Technology at a Lower Price Point

We frequently heard small foundries needed automation and control for their mixers but they did not need all of the features our most advanced Hartley offered and that the fully featured Hartley was not economically justifiable to a small foundry. To address these concerns we completely redesigned the former model 18Mk2/2502. Now, our choice for small foundry applications is the new Hartley 2502-L1. Designed and built with the same robust control technology, the new Hartley features either the latest generation of Allen-Bradley or Siemens components for both the PLC and HMI. The new Hartley 2502-L1 is specifically designed to provide two essential functions – complete muller automation and precise compactability control – at an affordable price.

The new Hartley 2502-L1 includes several features making it the perfect choice for small foundries:
– A cost significantly below the full featured Hartley and all other competitive equipment.
– A smaller, more compact design for easier installation.
– New features reduce maintenance costs –  the pneumatic assembly manifold is now inside the cabinet enclosure rather than being mounted on top. This design improvement keeps the manifold clear of sand and allows for a clean environment when replacing solenoid valves. Another new maintenance friendly feature is the stainless steel sand deflector shield which keeps sand off the travel rails.

Reliable and Repeatable Sand Testing Solutions for Small to Large Foundries:
42160 Digital Pneumatic Squeezer: More representative of modern molding machines when compared to the traditional 3-ram method. The 42160 utilizes high pressure squeezing to provide both more consistent and accurate results and displays the results on an digital display. This easy to operate device eliminates operator error and is used to prepare and determine compactability of a standard test specimen.
PAB-P Pneumatic Ejector: Eliminates human operator influence by using the PAB-P for an automatic and soft ejection of the sand specimen from the specimen tube. With the PAB-P there is no additional post-compaction of the test specimen which can occur with a more manual extraction method.

Advanced Technology for Elevated Temperature Testing Solutions:
PGD-E Gas Pressure Measuring Device: Better understanding of core gas volume levels will allow a foundry to better control gas defects which occur during the solidification phase. The PGD-E determines gas pressure and core gas volume by heating core sands which can be displayed on a computer as a pressure-volume diagram for visual, easy to read data analysis.
42112 Wet Tensile Strength Tester: Control expansion defects by utilizing data provided by the 42112. This device determines tensile strength of the condensation zone by utilizing a heating element to recreate the environment at the mold-metal interface.

Newly Upgraded OEM Parts
Designed for Optimal Performance

To help you get the highest performance and efficiency from your investment in Simpson products, we are constantly making product improvements to increase machine performance and lower its operating costs. Visit us at CastExpo and ask about how our upgraded parts can benefit your foundry.

Also, while you are at our booth find out how you can receive discounts on having a fully qualified Simpson service engineer visit your plant, inspect your equipment and make sure it is operating at optimal performance levels. By joining our Performance Partnership Program you can also receive discounts on machine upgrade and modernization kits.

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