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Inspire the Next Generation to Celebrate Manufacturing Day with a Virtual Tour

Manufacturing Day is an annual celebration of modern manufacturing. Today all across the nation, manufacturers are inviting students, educators, businesspeople, media and politicians into their facilities in a collective effort to educate the visitors about manufacturing careers and improve public perceptions of manufacturing. The ultimate goal of Manufacturing Day is to inspire the next generation of manufacturers.

According to the National Association of Manufacturers, over 2,640 events will be held in 2017. Most of the young people in your life may not have the time or do not have a facility nearby offering tours.  Instead, we are bringing a tour to you, right now… virtually!

Please help motive the young people in your life to explore the manufacturing industry by encouraging them to take a quick tour of Manufacturer’s Brass and Aluminum Foundry (MBAF).

MBAF opened their 35,000 square foot brass and aluminum foundry for us, and you, to tour a portion of their operations. Headquartered in Blue Island, IL., MBAF is a quality supplier of brass, bronze and aluminum sand castings for a wide range of industries including food processing, glass molding and high voltage electrical.

Watch the video to learn how MBAF utilizes advanced technologies such as a sand preparation and control system for green sand castings to efficiently switch from producing heavy brass castings to producing light aluminum castings. In addition, learn how their reclamation system enabled them to significantly reduce waste sand.   Before the reclamation system was installed they reclaimed only 40% of their sand, after the installation of the new system they were able to reclaim 95% of their sand.  The next generation will find this interesting since they are very aware of the importance of environmental sustainability.

If you or the next generation would like to go on another virtual tour please visit the Simpson YouTube page to watch how cast iron cookware is made at Lodge Manufacturing.



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